dream vineyard

  • Acquiring of new vineyards, he will attain because of the wine property and power. If one collects in the new vineyards a part of the grapes, he will generate a conjugal son, – the grapes are ripe, the son to the father will stand aside if not, him neglect. If the emperor has this dream, he will find fallen in his concubines, soon choose also one of them to the empress, because of the strength of the wine, – a pauper will experience joy for same reason and win power.
  • see or are on it: a happy life before himself have, – wealth and luck.


  • Dreaming one, he puts on a vineyard, he will win wealth, nobility and power because of the wine, but only after fairly long time.
  • he tears out

  • the plantation, he will lose wealth and power and come to the begging stick.

(European ones).:

  • promises luck and prosperity with perseverance and diligence, – favorable speculations and a happy dear life,
  • a neglected and stinking one visit: Disappointments will overshadow her most longing expectations.


  • see: a long trip approaches you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Vineyard

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