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dream signatureWho dreams of his own signature, deals with his identity concept. If it concerns the signature of another person, it is worth as a tip that one should deal with this person more intensely.


The signature of the dreaming in a dream means that he esteems himself. He is ready to recognise who is he and to leave a sign in the world. In the times in which the dreaming regulates juridical matters or meets arrangements, but is not quite sure whether he does the right thing his signature can be blurred in the dream or be unreadable.


At the spiritual level the signature of the dreaming in the dream is a reflexion of itself. She points in which manner he perceives himself.


(European ones).:

  • see: loyal companions will raise to one any time,
  • perform: a good action do which will still remain long in recollection.


  • If the signature is unreadable, then care before a stranger.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Signature

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