Sacrifice indicates on the one hand to give up something, and to make a little bit holy on the other hand. If these both possibilities combine in a dream scenario with each other, the dreaming is ready be I or his individuality in favour of from something to surrender, this is bigger and more important than he himself. A victim on the base is often offered by passionate faith.


Mostly the following fair reward, normally of spiritual kind, is expected for a sacrifice. However, the dreaming possibly does not reckon on an immediate reward – on having acted from the good feeling or the knowledge, the right thing, has refrained once. Moreover, play with the sacrifice always the giving up of immoderate selfish behaviour and the harmony of the dreaming with the river of the life a role. The sacrifice of an animal points out to the fact that the dreaming of that is aware that he can give up his lower desires in favour of spiritual strength. If the animal can be sacrificed willing, the dreaming is ready to convert desires into spiritual energy. Should it concern with the animal a hare or a rabbit, the sacrifice is a symbol of the rebirth.



The sacrifice in the dream is an important aspect of spiritual growth and a symbol of the renunciation of material in favour of from spiritual.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Sacrifice

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