dream signpostThe picture of a signpost sends a reminder to leave the creation of his life not to the chance, but to determine in a well-palnned manner and well thought-out. It is always the symbol for a decision which the dreamer has to make and which refers to his life.


They indicate the way for which the unconscious to us advises to go. Sometimes they mislead deceptively. Hence, one follows what they give as an aim to find out from it the other. If we can read on the signpost nothing, we are likely in the awake life in a just upcoming matter on a wrong way.




  • see: without foreign help you will not find the way, – also: follow the advice of good friends.

(European ones).:

  • you is put before a heavy choice, – uncomfortable situations enter, – one is on a wrong way, – a sign is for the coming changes, – good advice will be given.


  • you has forgotten a necessary work.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Signpost

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