dream swordAssociation: – take a short-cut, special past or wrong. Question: – From which old images or dogmas am I ready to separate?

In general:

In the dream a sword symbolises a powerful weapon. Maybe the dreaming has the ability to train special forces and to use the energy on account of his religious images properly. Sword is sometimes understood in terms of cross. However, it can also stand for energy, will strength, fairness and idealism and promise maybe recognition for these qualities.



A sword symbolises justice and courage, but also strength, as well as the defensive readiness of the soul marks which defend themselves wish against internal difficulties. Also symbol of the will to the power, for the reign, – as a sword of the Justice stands it also for the justice which judges, however, with big sharpness. If in the dream a sword appears, this refers to the fact that there is a warlike element in the dreaming and that he is ready to fight for his faith. Händigt another dream figure to the dreaming a sword from, this refers to the fact that he enjoys the protection of higher powers. He can make decisions after his own possible specification.


At the spiritual level the sword in the dream symbolises the power of the authority and protection.



  • Finding or one leads a sword, will wave to him according to his shine beaming joy, – also this dream is interpreted after the interpretation of the Persians at woman and children.
  • Seeming it to one the sword has broken,

[the scabbard, however, will die healthy remaining his son, however, the mother stay alive, – reverse trap] the mother to whom son stay alive, however will die.

  • Getting somebody of a friend from the front a blow with the sword and there flows blood, the hit will find out a big favour from that who struck the blow, – no blood has flowed, the favour will be lower.
  • Coming one by sword pranks to death, will prove that who moved the pranks to the dreaming according to their number a lot of good.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he reaches against another in the rage and in the surge to the sword, he will prove to the person concerned according to his impetuosity shortly mercies. If it seems, however, to the emperor or to an another, it strikes a blow to him hinterrücks somebody, that which struck the blow will serve the hit in sincerity.
  • A woman who dreams them gets a sword prank or moves such like a warrior, will win fame and bear a boy.
  • see: Honour experience,
  • carry: you are to your opponents consider,
  • move shiningly: defend themselves advantageously,
  • forge: do not think of revenge, the hostility becomes only bigger,
  • agree: one will honour you,
  • break: an unhappy chance, – also: a friend becomes the enemy,
  • drop: you surrender too early,
  • sword blow: you get high praise to hear.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a warning of preserving perseverance and sharpness, times stamp in it where you will need both, – honour and fame, – also: the sharp: contains bad news,
  • carry: one will take a public function,
  • you practice

  • justice: Victory and luck,
  • are taken away: one is defeated by an opponent,
  • other swords see carrying: meant dangerous discussions,
  • a broken one: if desperation promises.


  • see: you come to mortal danger,
  • break: you will suffer misfortune and need, – disgrace,
  • have: Honour and fame,
  • conceive: you will reach to the rule,
  • lose: you will forfeit the esteem of your people.

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