dream signalOne understands signal always as a tip or warning in terms of bell, bell or whistle.


Signal dreams of all kind are able (however, do not have to go!) be to be indicated as ‘a cry for help’ of a being close person. Most often then, even if the dreamt situation was depressing or frightening and has played in it the person a role whom you really know. (For all cases: A phone call can be not wrong – you put a ‘positive signal’!)




  • hear blowing: an unexpected glad message receive, – a token of love.

(European ones).:

  • see signal whistle or hear: warns about a danger by a certain person or an event,
  • on a signal whistle play: one is afraid around a being close person,
  • railway station signal: one will have an experience which will allow a new view of the things to one.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Signal

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