Gunshots in a dream mean confrontation, loss of confidence or suppressed feelings in waking life. If you dream about guns and shooting, you need to analyze your behavior in the face of conflict.

Weapons symbolize your ability to defend and react, and the interpretation of the dream depends on how you use them.


Dream Meaning About Shooting

To shoot

If you are the one who shoots in the dream, it may indicate a personal problem with someone close to you, a situation that hurts you a lot.

A dream in which you hurt someone by shooting is a sign that you need to control your actions and words so that they do not hurt someone close to you. At work, you need to be patient and careful and avoid making rash decisions.

If you dream of shooting a gun, the meaning of the dream is that your wishes will always be fulfilled by friends and family. The dream suggests that you should show more gratitude to others.


A dream about shooting is a sign of disagreement with a loved one. If you shoot someone in a dream, it is a sign that you should revise your attitude towards the people you love so as not to hurt them. The dream may also indicate that your goals in life are not being achieved; the dream may indicate your anger at others. You may be preparing to defend yourself. The meaning of the dream may reflect your anger, helplessness, venting of emotions. The dream also suggests that you may become a victim of a problem created by others. The dream can refer to violence. It means that you want something to go your way. You may want to get it at any cost.

If you are killed by a gunshot in the dream, it means that you may take actions that will cause you to lose someone very important in your life, so be careful and try to show affection to the people you love.

A dream in which you are involved in a gunfight can mean indecision that prevents you from making quick and correct decisions. Another meaning of this dream is intrigue, probably someone is spreading rumors about you. Exercise patience and caution.


If in your dream the shooting took place at school, the dream means difficulties in devoting yourself to your career or studies. Another meaning of the dream is that someone you love is making you worry. The dream may be a warning to spend more time with that person.

Hearing shots

A dream in which you hear gunshots is a sign of excessive anxiety and tension; it is a sign that you should pay more attention to the present and not think too much about what has been or what might happen. The dreamer says that you need to resolve a situation.

A series of shots from a machine gun symbolizes your present intentions. If you use a machine gun in your dream with feelings of anger, the dream reveals your aggression and suggests that the path you have chosen is not the right one. A machine gun in a dream can symbolize your desire to overcome difficulties.

Someone shoots at you

The dreamer explains that the dream expresses a feeling of persecution and attack; you may be the victim of gossip or conflict that causes fear. It is important for you to evaluate the situation and consider whether it is worth worrying about.

Another meaning of this dream is that you should be more tolerant of yourself.

To be shot (wounded)

The dream indicates the problems you can cause by following an illusory path. The dream indicates that the decisions you have been making lately are not based on facts, but only on imagination.

The meaning of the dream may indicate a negative period in your life. But don’t worry, because Freud believed that “surviving” in a dream indicates that you will overcome all obstacles in your path, and the only right way to do this is to forgive mistakes. Forgiving and forgetting are the keys to peace.

Shooting someone

The dream means that your attitude can be harmful to other people. You may be going through stressful moments, but remember that you must control your emotions to avoid hurting others, especially people who live with you.


A dream about shooting someone indicates a hidden conflict. If you shot someone with a gun in your dream, it indicates your hidden anger. Holding negative feelings toward someone can cause a lot of pain and damage your health. Instead, try to focus on improving your life and don’t let a conflict make your life sad.

Dreaming of someone being shot indicates your indifference to working with friends and family.

To be shot

A dream of being shot is a sign of conflict with someone important to you, as well as a situation in which you feel you are right, although you do not want to betray your own opinion. In such a case it is important to be patient and think about how to get through the situation without spoiling friendships and mutual relations.

The dream is a sign that you are telling your secrets to someone who is not trustworthy.

Shot in the head

A dream about being shot in the head is a sign of emotional overload and decision-making problems. It indicates that you are being strongly influenced by something external.

The dream also means that it is time to put your projects into action. The dreamer recommends that you get closer to people who can help you.

Being shot in the neck

To be shot in the neck or throat indicates your lack of social skills and the need to develop them. Work on communication, paying attention to body language and expressing emotions.

To be shot in the back

A dream about being shot in the back means guilt. If someone shoots you in a dream, think about your own behavior and whether you have anything to blame yourself for.


If you shoot someone in the back, it may be a sign that you have acted thoughtlessly and may hurt yourself and the people you love.

To be shot in the stomach

A dream about being shot in the stomach is a sign of insecurity. It may indicate that you are afraid of people who you think are better than you. The dreamer advises you to work on your self-confidence and to do your own thing.

If a man in the dream is shot in the stomach, it means that he will become more sensitive to others. A woman being shot in the stomach can symbolize abortion or fragility in some life situation. Therefore, the dream may suggest a need for protection and support.

Shooting in the breast (chest)

The dream is a manifestation of weaknesses that intensify and gradually gain strength. Try to stop them or they will ruin your life completely. Concentrate on your goals and the positive.

Being shot in the leg

Being shot in the leg in a dream means that you are living your life in the wrong way. The meaning of the dream suggests that you need to think about the choices and decisions you make.

Shooting yourself in the foot

Shooting yourself in the foot indicates your inability to look at your own problems and weaknesses. Such a dream often occurs when you observe other people’s lives and forget your own. Think about yourself.

Meaning of the Dream Shooting

  • Shoot – control your words and actions
  • Shooting – to reach an agreement
  • Hearing gunshots – you need to resolve a situation
  • Someone shoots at you – be more tolerant of yourself
  • Being shot (wounded) – rely on facts, not your imagination
  • Shooting someone – control your emotions
  • To be shot – have a conflict with someone
  • Shot in the head – put your projects into action
  • Shot in the neck – work on communication
  • Shot in the back – you have guilt
  • Shoot in the abdomen – work on self-confidence
  • Shoot in the chest – work on your weaknesses
  • Shoot in the leg – think about your choices
  • Shoot in the foot – focus on your problems

Mystic dream meaning – shoot

This symbol indicates that you have just woken up and made an important decision, although you may not be aware of it yet.

Meaning of the Dream Shooting

If you hear someone shooting, it means that you are about to receive important news.


A sharp shot announces that you will have reasons for nervousness and anxiety in the near future.

If you dream that you are shooting, it means that you will get rid of something that has been bothering you a lot and it will be a great relief for you.

dream shootTo dream of shooting implies that you know exactly what you want from life and you are following the correct path to achieve that objective.

To dream that you shoot a person with a gun indicates that you harbor violent emotions and that you do not express these emotions to the person involved.

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun represents some resistance or opposition that you are facing. You may believe that you are being persecuted or abused.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Shoot

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