A dream about worms

A dream about worms

A dream about worms

Dreams about worms, insects, rodents etc are not the most pleasant ones, even if we are not afraid of those representatives of the animal world.

Its interpretation also arouses a lot of doubts. Today we present you some of the most important rules of interpreting dreams about worms.


How to interpret a dream about worms?

According to Freud’s interpretation, worms in dreams symbolize siblings, immature relatives and children in general. It is a commonly accepted interpretation. Such a dream may also be the signal of unwanted pregnancy or unwanted fatherhood.

You should think what kind of worms you saw, what they were doing, whether you were scared of them or not, if they were attacking you or you were just watching them…Think if there were any familiar people in your dream, and if so, what their reaction to the worms was. These all will make interpreting easier.

On the other hand, worms in dreams may be associated with death, decomposition, decay, rot, and symbolize soil and the material things.

According to Jung’s interpretation, who was a disciple of Freud, a worm is the symbol of libido, the one which kills, not gives life. In alchemy, a worm is the key to the putrefactio, blackening and decomposition, which precede resurrection and the light. In other interpretations, a worm is believed to be the symbol of the snake of the world and the devil, which are the evil.

A worm, as regards its relation to rot, decay and odor, may also symbolize poisoning of life, the environment or the air. So if it appears in our dream, it may be assigned such meanings.

In folk interpretation, worms portend obstacles and failures (unless the dreamer manages to kill them all, and then it means that he will overcome all problems).


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about worms

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