A dream about a bridge

A dream about a bridge

A dream about a bridge

A bridge is a symbol which appears in dreams quite often, especially during tempestuous periods in life. It connects the two opposite sides, which makes people believe that it may symbolize going from one side of the mind to another.

What does it mean? How to analyze and interpret it? We advise below.


How to interpret a dream about a bridge?

Crossing a bridge symbolizes some crucial moment of the dreamer’s life, going from one stage of life to another, an aware choice of way. This dream may refer both to the spiritual situation, and the external circumstances.

The dreamer may be changing his/her opinions and attitude towards some matters, concentrating more on his/her spiritual life, experiencing a new, deep feeling. In other circumstances, this dream may be related to external events, changing job or apartment, new interests, etc.

Building a bridge means the attempt to create such circumstances, which would allow the dreamer to change his current existence; a broken bridge is the symbol of helplessness, being in a dead end.

This symbol may also be considered as the phallic symbol, a bridge symbolizes the phallus connecting two separate bodies.

The folk interpretation is similar to the psychological one – crossing a bridge symbolizes a change in life, while problems with crossing a bridge indicate that it will not be easy.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a bridge

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