A dream about a bridge

A dream about a bridge is related to your life path and future. It means that you will achieve all the goals you desire. It represents your success against all odds.

Bridges in dreams represent the connection that separates the decision from the consequences. They are a sign of good fortune and success, overcoming adversity that seemed insurmountable.


Dreambook bridge

Beautiful bridge (sunset on the bridge).

A beautiful bridge with a lovely landscape is an invitation to watch the sunset for two. It means that either great love will meet you, or you are ready together with your partner to seriously plan a future together. The dream can also foreshadow romantic moments for two.

To cross a bridge

This dream indicates success and the achievement of a goal. Crossing a bridge shows that you overcame the challenges you encountered and got where you wanted to go. You can now conquer more goals and realize your dreams.

Crossing a bridge, no matter what state it is in, is a sign that you have succeeded or are only a few moments away.

To jump or fall off a bridge

Jumping or falling off a bridge in a dream is a reflection of your own fears and insecurities. It means that you do not trust yourself and are demanding too much of yourself. Perhaps it is a reaction to an external situation, such as others’ expectations of you, but know that in this way you are only harming yourself. Rethink your actions.

This dream may also mean that you are afraid of a serious relationship.

To build a bridge

A bridge being built in a dream signifies a period of transition and gradual changes in your life. However, all this will take some time, so you need to be patient. Soon a new stage will begin in your career or a new love may appear. A dream about bridges under construction is also a good sign for making a deal, buying a property, or changing your car.


Wooden bridge

Dreambook pays attention to your life paths. Consider what paths you take to reach your destination. Is a particular path safe? Does the path lead you where it should? Shouldn’t you make some changes to your plans? Another dream meaning suggests that you are in some danger, treading on a fragile surface.

Iron bridge

The dream signifies safety, it is a symbol of a safe path that will lead you to your destination. It does not mean that some obstacles will not appear on it, but you should bravely face them.

Railroad bridge

The sight in a dream of a railroad bridge may be an announcement of a visit to someone you haven’t seen in a long time. However, the dream may suggest that you will not be very happy with the visit of this person.


This dream indicates that most of your problems are caused by you. Seek help from people who can really change your life now. Be honest with yourself and know how to admit your mistake. Learn lessons for the future.

Rope bridge

If you dreamed about a rope bridge Dreambook points out that it is time to free yourself from dependence or addictions. Maybe you should quit smoking or start rehab therapy. Maybe you feel dependent on some person. It’s time to finally feel free.

Narrow bridge

A dream about a narrow bridge means difficulties, obstacles, and problems will arise. You need resilience and strength to overcome them. Do not break down, but move forward boldly.

Bridge over water (flooded with water)

If in your dream the bridge is flooded or extends over the water, you are facing an emotional journey. Another dream meaning suggests that you are not in control of your emotions. You may be experiencing something very unpleasant, but such a state prevents you from functioning normally. You need to gain control over yourself and regain your composure.

Bridge over the precipice

Dreambook assures you that you have the support of loved ones and friends. In difficult times you can always count on someone. Make use of this and show your gratitude.


Broken bridge (a hole in the bridge).

This dream indicates that you are unsure about some decision you made recently. You need to focus more on your thoughts and be confident in your actions. Use the help of others and trust yourself more. Other meanings of the dream may suggest that you have made some mistake.

Collapsing bridge

If in your dream you crossed a bridge that collapsed, Dreambook explains that you are no longer in danger. All problems are behind you. Now it’s time to relax and plan new goals.

To demolish a bridge

This dream is related to your attitude to life because it affects everything around you. Think about what you want and how you are going to achieve it. You also need to be more consistent and not get discouraged by minor setbacks.

If in your dream you saw a demolished bridge you may be just missing an important opportunity that can change your life. It is also a picture of your negligence. Be more attentive and take advantage of what life suggests to you.

Meaning of the dream bridge – summary

  • Beautiful bridge (sunset on the bridge) – you will meet a great love
  • To cross a bridge – you have overcome challenges and are reaching your goal
  • To jump or fall from a bridge – you do not trust yourself and demand too much from yourself
  • To build a bridge – a new stage in your life will appear
  • Wooden bridge – the path you have taken is dangerous
  • Iron bridge – a safe road leads you to your destination
  • Railroad bridge – someone will visit you
  • Drawbridge – be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes
  • Rope bridge – you need to free yourself from addictions or toxic relationships
  • Narrow bridge – there will be obstacles and problems in your way
  • Bridge over water (flooded with water) – you are not in control of your emotions
  • Bridge over the precipice – you have the support of loved ones and friends
  • Broken bridge (a hole in the bridge) – you have made some mistake
  • Collapsing bridge – all problems are behind you
  • To demolish a bridge – be consistent and do not be discouraged by minor setbacks

Dreambook mystic – a bridge

  • A whole bridge is a sign that your future will be prosperous.
  • If you see a bridge in your dream, it means that you will manage to reconcile some conflicting interests and you will have great benefits because of it.
  • When you see a broken bridge, it is a signal from your subconscious that you need to find another way to your destination.
  • If you see a drawbridge in your dream, it foreshadows some problems for you in your professional life.
  • When you see many bridges, it foretells unspecified worries for you.
  • When you dream that you see a bridge from afar, it is a sign that in waking life you are missing closeness, but you are needlessly agonizing because all you need to do is just reach out and take the first step and you will get your happiness.
  • If you are standing on a bridge in your dream, it means that in waking life you feel lost and alone in the situation you are in.
  • Crossing a bridge is a signal from your subconscious to be on your guard in the near future.
  • Falling on a bridge may foreshadow some obstacles for you in your professional life.
  • When you dream that you fall off a bridge, it means that the efforts you make in waking life will not bring you the desired results.
  • Crossing an old bridge means that you will be able to get out of some problems successfully.
  • Crossing a very long bridge is a sign that great progress in life awaits you.
  • When you dream about a long bridge, it is a sign that you are about to lose some object that had great sentimental value for you.
  • A stone bridge foretells that your life will be peaceful and devoid of major problems.
  • A wooden bridge is a signal from your subconscious to make a kind gesture towards some person around you.
  • A railroad bridge announces that you will soon be visited by someone whose company will not give you pleasure.
  • When you dream that you are building a bridge, it means that you will be praised for the work you have done.

A dream about a bridge


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a bridge

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