A dream about mouth/teeth

A dream about mouth/teeth

A dream about mouth/teeth

Mouths and teeth appear in our dreams relatively often.

For example, we are absorbed by own matters, when we suddenly feel the taste of blood in our mouth, our tooth is wobbling, and when we touch it – it falls out, just like the others, and we can not stop this process, or we realize that our teeth are rotten.


In the other version of this dream, our teeth are not falling out, but growing – e.g. they turn into fangs, or grow so big that we are not able to eat or speak; we may also lose the sensation of taste – and all dishes taste like a piece of cardboard.

How to interpret a dream about mouth/teeth?

Dreams about losing teeth appear at the time when we get new responsibilities, enter the middle or the pensioner’s age, etc.

Teeth are the symbol of the self, and they reflect our physical and psychological condition. If the teeth are sick or rotten, we probably are not honest in some field of life, e.g. in the emotional, professional or family life. We may also consider this symbol to be the sign of aggression and the way we perceive the external stimuli – as the most important function of teeth is chewing. If we are constantly chewing something in our dream, maybe we have problems in making decisions in real life?

Dreams about falling out teeth are surprisingly common. They are not related to our fear of dentist – they mean that we have entered the period of changes in our life. That is because we lose our milk teeth at puberty, we get wisdom teeth at the mature age, while with the old age come problems and deterioration of teeth… Such dreams may be interpreted as our fear of changes, insecurity or low self-esteem in stressful moments – as the loss of teeth is such a moment.

How would Freud interpret a dream about mouth/teeth?

In Freud’s opinion, dreams about teeth were related to sexuality. Falling out teeth meant for men the fear of being castrated and impotent, while for women they symbolized the desire of having children.

How would Jung interpret a dream about mouth/teeth?

According to Jung, dreams about falling out teeth symbolize the dreamer’s fear of losing strength and vigor in older age.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about mouth/teeth

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