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A dream about jewelry

Jewelry are a various goldsmith’s items which we use everyday to adorn the beauty our body, to seduce… Usually, it is spectacular, easily noticeable and it is often a subject of our desire. No wonder it appears in our dreams in many situations.

For instance, we can wear jewelry, look at it in a shop or a casket, buy it…or even steal it. For some reason, we can lose our jewelry, inherit it, find it, clean it etc…

Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about jewelry

How to interpret a dream about jewelry?

The interpretation of dreams about jewelry consist of a lot of aspects. The quality of jewelry that appears in our dreams is important – whether it is fake, manufactured, false, original, made of the most precious stones. Also its form and what happens with it in our dream matter. In a material sense, the jewelry we dream of is the symbol of wealth, on the other hand though, it may refer to our soul, e.g. moral values, parapsychic shield and even…convalescence.

Wearing jewelry in a dream may mean that we are trying to distract the surrounding from our defects or disadvantages, if we give somebody jewelry, we may want to force a positive attitude towards us or somebody from our surrounding, as we do not believe in our skills and charm. If somebody gives us jewelry, it is possible that he expects something in return.

Interpreting a dream about jewelry, any precious stones appearing in it are also important.

Dream Symbols : A dream about jewelry

A dream about jewelry - dream interpretation and meaning
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