A dream about being in hospital

A dream about being in hospital

A dream about being in hospital

Hospital is a place which none of us associate positively. It makes us think about diseases, illnesses, injuries… Also a dream in which we are in hospital is not pleasant.

In a typical version of this dream, we do not know why actually we are there, but we hear the monitors beeping, smell the odor of antiseptic agents, we are being examined by doctors, and nurses are walking around. The experience is not pleasant, especially if our dream disease is serious.


How to interpret a dream about being in hospital?

Dreams in which we are patients in hospital, usually appear at the time of strong stresses and failures in the private life. Often, they are the expression of our stress, which connected with waiting for a medical procedure, but they also can be related to the emotional or spiritual side.

It is possible that we are overwhelmed by our everyday problems, which we can not solve. It is also possible that we need some help from somebody close, or just a tip, how to live, how to face problems, etc.

Interpreting a dream about being in hospital, we should pay attention to which part of the body or organ is injuredas each of them is related to a different aspect of our life. Let’s think about our emotions and the behavior of doctors and nurses who took care of us. These will help us eliminate our worries or soothe the stress.

How would Jung interpret a dream about being in hospital?

For Jung, dreams about hospitals were the sign of the need of internal unification, the signal that our consciousness and unconsciousness need our patience, that we need to get some rest and regenerate our strengths in order to restore the internal balance.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about being in hospital

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