A dream about a garden

A dream about a garden

A dream about a garden

A garden is an interesting and quite often appearing dream symbol – a place which we associate with rest, relaxation, the scent of flowers, which is the substitute for nature, just behind our house… It is there where we go to feel calm and safe in silence.

It may appear in our dreams in various versions and contexts – e.g, it may be big, beautiful and blossoming, full of flowers and trees, but it may also be a vegetable or a fruit garden, a well-kept, but also a wild, inaccessible and hostile for new visitors one.


How to interpret a dream about a garden?

A garden appearing in our dream symbolizes our soul, as well as the paradise on the earth and in the heaven, the things which are conscious, settled, and opposite to the instinct and uncontrolled behaviors.

Interpreting a dream about a garden, it is worth wondering how the garden looks like – whether it is well-kept and full of blossoming flowers, or rather wild, inaccessible and hostile. The first one symbolizes welfare, as well as the beauty of our soul, achieving the spiritual enlightenment and development. The second one indicates our refusal of the spiritual development, that we are neglecting the matters which are important to our soul. If there is no flowers in the garden, or they are withering and shriveling, probably some of the matters of our soul need more attention.

A vegetable garden is the symbol of the vegetable soul of the humanity, a reference to our roots in the ground and unconsciousness. The gardens which appear in dreams of terminally ill people are the illustration of the heaven and the metaphor for the passage from the earthly life to the spiritual one. The Elysium, which are the gardens of the dead in Greek mythology, were planted with vines and roses – the symbols of immortality.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a garden

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