A dream about being a victim of crime

A dream about being a victim of crime

A dream about being a victim of crime

Dreams about being a victim of crime usually cause mixed emotions – no wonder, it is not pleasant when someone whishes us death or is even trying to kill us.

There are a lot of version of this dream. We can, e.g, catch somebody who is trying to steal or break into our car, we can be attacked by a random, unknown killer, sexual offender… Usually, we feel fear, panic, we are unable to change the way of events. Even though we are trying to hide and run away from the offender, he finds us and defeats anyway. An extremal version of this dream is when someone kills us.


How to interpret a dream about being a victim of crime?

It is believed that dreaming about being killed are closely connected with our will of living – not always literally. Maybe, deep inside us, there is something special what we forgot about and we let it unnecessarily die; maybe we gave up realizing a hidden dream; maybe we blame the others for our unhappiness? It is worth verifying our dreams and desires and start a dialogue with our ego. It would be necessary to listen to our soul, reflect on ourselves – sometimes it may bring unusual benefits.

A dream about being a victim of crime may also indicate that somebody in our real life uses us too often, maybe even terrorizes. It can be the boss, a relative, somebody who abuses our kindness or who humiliates us regularly. A manifestation of such feelings are, for instance, dreams about sexual assaults, which show how pliable we are. Also in such a case, reflection on ourselves and taking steps to change the situation are needed. Self-improvement and regaining self-esteem are advised.

Despite the fact that a dream about being killed may seem to be a nightmare, it brings a positive charge – there are so many things we can change about ourselves – let’s do this!

In a case of people who have been victims of crime in real life, appearing of this motif in a dream is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also play a therapeutic role – using a specific set of pictures and the techniques of lucid dreaming, the psychoanalysts achieve really good effects with their patients, writing the new scenario of the occurrence.

How would Freud interpret a dream about being a victim of crime?

In Freud’s opinion, a dream about being attacked is a indication of the subconscious need of being sexually subordinated to the offender – the dreamer, usually a woman, does not have to take responsibility for her desires.

How would Jung interpret a dream about being a victim of crime?

Jung would interpret a dream about being a victim in compliance with his Compensation Theory (which says that the sphere of dreams releases the thoughts and emotions which are hard to express in real life). He believed that the problems with expressing aggression or anger in real life can find their expression in dreams which present negative emotions frequently or untypically.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about being a victim of crime

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