A dream about a door

A dream about a door

A dream about a door

Doors, which we are surrounded by, mean in dreams opportunities and possibilities to chose, but also the obstacles we will have to face. In our dream, we can stand before an opened or closed door, we can try to open it and to pass through it, what we do easily or with great effort. We can also see a revolving door etc…

A door in our dream may lead us to various buildings – it can be a small cottage, a huge skyscraper, we can also be trying to pass trough a door in a wall…


How to interpret a dream about a door?

Dreams in which door motives appears, likewise dreams about a gate, mean changes in our life, the attempt to cross the boundary, barriers, limitations, they can be also connected with coming from one stage of life to another, rejecting the old rules and accepting the new ones etc.

A door may also be the symbol of the new level of the consciousness (e.g, entering the unconsciousness or the higher ego), as well as the symbol of opening or closing the ways of communication between the levels of consciousness. It is also believed that a door in a dream is the symbol of opportunities and possibilities to chose – so if we are standing before many doors, we probably have a lot of options to chose in real life, what makes us confused.

Also a revolving door, especially when something got stuck in it, has an interesting interpretation – here we stand in one place and we can not make any decision which would push us forward – it is worth taking actions to change that.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a door

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