A dream about an argument

A dream about an argument

A dream about an argument

We all hate arguments, especially when it breaks out over a trifle. Sometimes they happen to appear in our dreams.

We may be arguing with somebody close to us, with a total stranger, we may see somebody arguing, be watching it passively or try to mediate and accommodate the two sides.


How to interpret a dream about an argument?

A dream about an argument represents the internal conflicts or the dreamer, his subconscious struggle, but it can also express our problems with everyday relations with different people from our surrounding.

It is worth paying attention to who we are arguing with in the dream. Do we know the person who made us angry or not? Are we arguing with a man or a woman? An argument with a woman may indicate the conflict with anima, while an argument with a man – the conflict with animus. A woman may symbolize the mother, and a man the father, even if they are totally unfamiliar to us in the dream.

What we are arguing about is also important. If we are arguing about issues connected with home life, probably we are having a problem on the level of the psyche in real life, and an argument about food indicates some problems connected with spirituality.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about an argument

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