A dream about a key

A dream about a key

A dream about a key

Another important, quite often appearing symbol in our dreams, is a key. Many dream researchers believed it to be a very significant symbol – you should not ignore it, when it flits across your dream.

A key in a dream may appear in many versions – we can only see it, we can lose it, destroy it (intentionally or not), we can be given keys to a house or give it somebody, we can find lost keys, open or close something using keys etc..


How to interpret a dream about a key?

Interpreting a dream about a key, we should pay attention to the form of the key and all the circumstances in which it appears. Is the key small or big? Do we know what it opens? Are we happy or unhappy to have it? Does it arouse our fear for some reason?

A key as sexual symbol…

In Freud’s interpretations, a key symbolized – which can not be considered to be strange, knowing the researcher – a penis, that is why putting a key into a lock or manipulating it was related with intimate contacts.

…or the symbol of hope?

Nowadays, researchers has been abandoning Freud’s interpretation and they tend to consider a key to be the symbol of hope. For instance, Jung believed keys to be the symbol of hope which we repose in God, or a chance to solve some important matter. If we lose keys in a dream, it is possible that we are insecure about our future or we are facing some problems which we can not solve.

According to Artemidorus’ interpretations, finding a key in a dream and being very happy about it symbolizes finding the key to the heart of the person who deserves our love. If we felt negative emotions, it is possible that our subconsciousness is suggesting us to resign of a travel, as the change of place is particularly not advised at the moment.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a key

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