A dream about a key

A dream about a key usually means something good, such as a pay raise or an unexpected trip, or a new love.

If you are experiencing trouble now, the dream may indicate that you will be able to get out of it easily and quickly.


Dreambook keys

To see a key

A dream about keys signifies success in your professional life. You will finally receive an award, a promotion, or a raise, so your life will change significantly.

It is also a chance to find a way or solve a problem.

To receive (get) a key

The dream means you will achieve success, raising your social status.

Success can have a very subjective meaning. It will be important primarily to you.

To look for a key

If you are looking for a key in your bag, the dream is a warning to separate time for rest and work.

Improper division of time and energy between these two spheres of life can cost you a lot.


To open a lock with a key

If in a dream you are trying to put a key in a lock and can’t, be alert to prevent the actions of a dishonest opponent.

If you manage to put the key in the lock and open the door without any problems, it means success and choosing the right path.

Key in a lock

The dreambook explains that a dream about a key in a lock can mean negative feelings, usually associated with a sense of inability to achieve dreams.

It symbolizes downtime, hesitation, or some kind of barrier that temporarily blocks your actions. The dream symbolizes a sense of helplessness, entrapment, and moving away from your goal.

A padlock with a key

A dream about a key and a padlock means new opportunities in your life. Get ready for big changes in your career and in love.

You need to pay attention to everything that is happening around you, analyze the situation well and stick to the things that are really important to you. Take advantage of arising opportunities.

To give away the key

The dreambook explains that if you give a key to someone in a dream, it means that everything will get better in your life. If you are experiencing some problems now, the dream’s meaning symbolizes gradual improvement.

The dream also means that your friends will support you in a difficult time, and all problems will be solved.


If you are the one who received the key from someone else, it means that you will be able to achieve financial stability.

To lose a key

If you lose the key in your dream, it is a sign that you feel stuck. You can not get out of a situation or move forward and act. You may have missed an opportunity for change.

The dreambook warns that a difficult time lies ahead and you will be disappointed by a friendly person.

The dream may also mean you have lost control over a situation or access to something or someone. You are frustrated and have a sense of missed opportunities. You feel trapped.

To find the key

The meaning of the dream in which you find the key is associated with success and the feeling that you are able to solve all problems and that nothing can stop you on the way to achieving your goal.

Finding a key in a dream augurs finding a good solution to a difficult situation.

To sell or buy a key

If you bought or sold keys in a dream, the meaning of the dream could be interpreted as staying away from the family, a lack of family unity.

According to the dreambook, the dream is a call not to abandon your family because it is the most important thing in your life. For them, you are the key to their happiness.


The dream can also mean a solution to a problem or symbolize a secret you hide carefully from others.

Broken Key

If the key in your dream is broken, it is a sign that your relationship is in danger.

Think about what is happening and what is the reason for it. Talk to your partner, and if you care about the relationship – save it while you can.

Big Key

A dream about a big key means a pay increase. You will finally be rewarded for the work you do.

You may also receive a salary (perhaps extra or from another source) that can improve your life. Get ready for new surprises in the professional sphere.

Small key

A dream about a small key may indicate that something very unexpected will happen in your life.

Be prepared for a surprise. The dream may also mean that with small steps, you are able to achieve your goal.

Master key

A master key in a dream indicates that you control others and the situation. You know what is good for you and those you love.


The dreambook suggests that you have the ability to decipher people fast, which allows you to anticipate their actions and helps you prevent intrigue and gossip.

Golden Key

A dream about a golden key can mean that you are a strong person who has the key to all situations and thus can cope with everything.

It shows that you are very confident. Self-confidence is the key to not being afraid to go further, but be careful not to become self-centered, as this will thwart your plans and efforts.

Old key

This situation will not last long. An old key appearing in a dream may mean that your finances will decrease a bit, and you may even stop getting cash into your account. Therefore, plan your expenses, but do not despair.

Rusty key

If you had a dream about a rusty key, you should take care of your health more than ever.

The dreambook also suggests that your ideas or the way you perceive some things are outdated. Going down this track, you will not achieve anything.

You should put more emphasis on modernity, perhaps get some training to learn new standards or methods of work.

A bunch of keys

According to the Dreambook, you adapt easily to different situations. You are also able to learn from your mistakes. Thus you are able to control different situations.


The dream also means that you feel great inner strength and can face any problem that appears before you. The most important thing at this point is to seize the opportunity to solve all the matters that are important to you.

Plenty of keys

The dream symbolizes the ability to adapt to new places and ease in learning new things. It means that you have the resources to solve your problems. This kind of dream also represents the power of control and command.

Keys to the apartment

The dream augurs a successful day for you. You will handle all matters efficiently and successfully. The evening is a good time to meet with friends and have fun. Make good use of this time.

Keys to the house

According to the Dreambook, the keys to the house symbolize good family relations. If you have any problems or are in a quarrel with someone, you have a chance to solve a difficult situation favorably.

You may find a way to change family affairs or become a negotiator, helper, or someone’s confidant.

Keys to the door

A dream in which you see keys to the door foretells new opportunities and changes in your professional and private life. This is a great time to make important and bold decisions.

Car key

A dream about a car key shows that you always need to be in control of yourself. Sometimes you can’t achieve something. You need to be patient or look for other ways to achieve your goal.

Not everything will always go how you want it to, and you need to accept that. Look for the right way and way to achieve your goal.


Dream meaning: keys

  • To see a key – you will receive a reward, promotion, or raise
  • To receive (get) a key – you will achieve success, which will raise your social status
  • To look for a key – start separating time for rest and work
  • To open a lock with a key – you stand at the threshold of a choice path
  • Key in a lock – something is temporarily blocking your activities
  • Padlock with a key – there are new opportunities in your life
  • To give away the key – everything will go better and better
  • To lose the key – you feel frustrated and have a sense of missed opportunities
  • To find the key – you are able to solve all problems
  • To sell or buy a key – do not distance yourself from your family
  • Broken key – something bad is happening in your relationship. Look for a solution to this situation
  • Big key – pleasant surprises await you in the professional sphere
  • Small key – something very unexpected will happen in your life
  • Major key – you have control over others and the situation
  • Golden key – you are able to handle any situation
  • Old key – you may have financial problems, plan your expenses
  • Rusty key – take care of your health
  • A bunch of keys – take the opportunity to solve all the issues that are important to you.
  • Plenty of keys – you have the ability to adapt to new places and ease in learning new things.
  • Keys to an apartment – you will settle all matters efficiently and successfully.
  • Keys to the house – you have a chance to solve a difficult situation favorably.
  • Keys to the door – now is a good time to make important decisions
  • Key to the car – look for the right way and way to achieve your goal

Dream about a key – detailed interpretation.

Hidden knowledge

If you dream about a key needed to open a book or access a library or even a letterbox, such keys can symbolize hidden knowledge. This is often a message to learn to use intuition and tap into inner wisdom.

Mysteries and secrets

Seeing keys in your dream can also mean that you have a secret from someone. Perhaps you are only telling part of the truth?
Keys can also indicate that you are leading a secret life. If you feel that you are leading a double life or behaving differently, depending on who is around, it could mean that you are hiding certain aspects of yourself from others.


Sometimes we dream about keys as symbols of power. For example, a key to a prison cell can mean that some part of you feels controlled or oppressed by others. You may feel that others have punished you.

Having the keys to your car may mean you feel in control of the situation. It can be a reminder that you can take control of your life at any time. The power is in your hands.

Solving a problem, finding a solution

Sometimes keys in dreams can mean you are looking for ways to solve a problem. Perhaps you are looking for methods to find a solution to a problem that is troubling you, or you need to find a way to overcome challenges and obstacles in your current life.

Seeking the truth

Keys can also signify a desire to know the whole truth about a situation. You may want to understand why something is the way it is, or you may want to discover the full meaning of a situation. You may worry that others are not being entirely truthful to you or that they may be hiding something from you.

Keys – mystical dreambook

Keys can appear in our dreams in many different ways – a gate key in a dream does not always mean the same thing as a dream about car keys. Often keys are symbols that unlock some hidden knowledge.

Mystic dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a key. Remember that one symbol can have several different meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other symbols present in your dream.

  • If you see a key in your dream, it is a sign of some mystery in your real life that does not give you peace of mind.
  • When you lose a key in your dream, you will fail to clarify some critical matters you care about a lot for.
  • A broken key foretells misery and misfortune.
  • If you dream of carrying a key, it is a sign that you need to learn to be more frugal, as you can gain a lot more than you think.
  • When you dream that you always have your keys with you, it is a signal from your subconscious that you are characterized by great stinginess in waking life.
  • If you give someone your key to your house, it is a sign that you are putting at risk the good reputation that your whole family enjoys by your bad behavior in some matter.
  • Receiving a key to someone’s house signals that, in real life, you are overly naive and trust people who may not be entirely honest towards you and worthy of that trust.
  • If you find a lost key in a dream, it is a warning from your subconscious not to spoil your plans yourself with some improper moves resulting from your awkwardness or haste.
  • When you have not found the lost key, it is a sign that some person will prevent you from achieving a secret goal you care about.
  • If you open something with a key in a dream, it foreshadows that you will soon, for some reason, lose trust in people you now consider your friends.
  • Closing something with a key heralds a harmonious marriage for you.
  • Finding someone else’s key signals that you will soon discover someone else’s secret.
  • A keyhole appearing in your dream foretells misunderstandings and arguments or financial troubles.
  • If you are holding a bunch of keys in your dream, it means that you need to make a fast decision on something.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a key

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