A dream about a lake

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A dream about a lake

Motives connected with water appear in our dreams quite often. We can dream about a river, a sea, an ocean, but also about a lake – and in every case water has the symbolical meaning.

A lake can be friendly to us – we can, e.g, watch its surface and delight with the peace and quiet, we can see some familiar or unknown pictures reflecting on its surface, we can also see troubled, hostile, scary, life-threatening lake.


How to interpret a dream about a lake?

A lake metaphorically means unawareness, the feminine elements in our life, it is also the symbolical container of wisdom. It is also connected with souls of the deceased – they float to the other side of a lake to the Land of the Dead or remain at its bottom forever.

Also, it is worth remembering that in tales and myths lakes are a place where supernatural creatures live – mysterious, dangerous things happen there…so dangerous that it is possible to lose soul there.

Dreams about lakes are a good sign. On their surface, we can see our future, as well as the past events which may be useful at the moment, so it is worth devoting some time to the interpretation.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a lake?

The visions of water in dreams were for Freud a proof of the return to the period of fetal life and the birth, as well as to the early childhood. They could also, if the water was dangerous, indicate the anxiety about sexual contacts, and suppressing the thoughts about wetting the bed.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a lake?

Jung believed the water to be connected with the feminine energy and everything what is unaware. Water containers, especially those extensive like a sea or an ocean, in his interpretation are the symbols of the collective unconsciousness. Men who are afraid of water in real life may also subconsciously feel the fear of women or their emotional side.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a lake

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