A dream about a jungle

A dream about a jungle

A dream about a jungle

A dream in which events are happening in a jungle makes us feel anxious and disoriented – we can hear a lot of sounds of the wild nature coming from around, we are surrounded by a dense flora, we lose orientation and feel worry that there is a danger hidden somewhere – wild animals or aborigines, who are waiting for a perfect moment to attack us.

How to interpret a dream about a jungle?

Dreams about a jungle often happen to people whose job is stressful. They are the sign of the aggression and survival instinct hidden inside us. An undiscovered, unbridled jungle in a dream causes fear, the feeling of being trapped and even cabin fever… It is worth wondering whether we happen to be in such a hostile surrounding in real life. Often, a jungle is the symbol of stress and competition at work, where everybody is watching us and waiting for our mistake to use the opportunity and attack us. Despite the fear, we still work there, the same like we continue wandering in the jungle of our dream. If we manage to regain peace in a dream – it is a good sign – it means that we have a great fortitude, even though we forget about it, we display it in the least expected moment.


How would Freud interpret a dream about a jungle?

Freud believed that aggression is one of the most simulating feeling. Wild animals are the symbols of violent impulses which makes us scared… Such an unaware aggression which makes us feel guilty causes that the dreamer separates from his neurosis and see it as the wild animals in the dream.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a jungle?

For Jung, an ancient forest inhabited by snakes, monkeys and other wild animals is the symbol of everything what is unknown. Such a wild nature illustrates the instincts and aggression which makes the dreamer feel guilty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a jungle

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