A dream about aliens

A dream about aliens

A dream about aliens

A dream about aliens may have various versions.

The aliens may be positively disposed and we may try to communicate with them, they may also have evil intentions to us and kidnap us or our relatives to their flying saucer and conduct experiments on us…


How to interpret a dream about aliens?

It is commonly believed that dreams about aliens, monsters, etc illustrate some aspects of our personality, which we consider to be dangerous or undiscovered. Personifying it as “aliens” in dreams, we emphasize our worries, fright and fear.

However, we should not be afraid of aliens in our dreams – we should take a close look on them, analyze what they symbolize and what their role is. Is the communication possible? What is their attitude towards us? What is their form? Answering those questions, we will be able to discover the unknown sphere of our personality and understand the matters which seem to be complicated and incomprehensible.

How would Freud interpret a dream about aliens?

Freud never referred to aliens themselves, however he said a lot about monsters and other beasts. He believed that their presence in our dreams express the dreamer’s fear of latent, muted and hidden desires. A wild beast may represent a person suffering from these unrestrained problems, or his libido and it’s unused power. What is more, he associated them with aggression and the sexual strength.

How would Jung interpret a dream about aliens?

Jung also never referred to aliens in his interpretations, however, he believed that every person’s psyche has the access to the collective unconsciousness, which reaches above the earthly sphere and offers intuitive experiences. He would consider the dreams about aliens as the indication that there is something majestic and undiscovered in our mind, which is trying to get to our consciousness and needs our attention.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about aliens

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