A dream about a corridor

A dream about a corridor

A dream about a corridor

Corridors happen to appear in our dreams relatively often.

We are walking down it in a house which we know, or in a totally unfamiliar place. Usually, a corridor in such a dream is long, longer with every step we take, sometimes it has the form of a labyrinth with cul-de-sacs and parting of the ways. Sometimes there are doors along it, which we can not open, we feel trapped and we can not change our position – we can only go forward.


How to interpret a dream about a corridor?

A house is a very personal place, in which every room has its symbolical meaning.
Dreams about corridors with doors along them symbolize that we have to make many decisions, and it is only up to us whether they will be good or bad… Dreams about corridors with no doors along may symbolically mean that there is no other way and we have to follow the chosen path. Tortuous, cul-de-sac, labyrinthine corridors probably mean that we are afraid of the decisions we have to make, and that we can not chose one, definite solution.

So it is worth wondering what decisions we have to make and focus on finding the best and most sensible for us solution.

How would Freud interpret a dream about a corridor?

In one of his books, Freud described rooms with open doors as the the symbol of vagina – and probably he would also interpret this dream in the sexual context.

How would Jung interpret a dream about a corridor?

For Jung, a house was always the metaphor for ego, “the residence of soul”… Dreaming, we have the chance to discover those aspects of our mind, which we have been suppressing or hiding from everybody, including us.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about a corridor

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