dream powerDreams of acts of violence are very often a psychic protest against a situation in which one cannot just defend himself ” in which one must pocket – although one would like to ‘distribute’ much rather and ‘strike back’. Every dream of power reflects own feelings, whether concerning the dreaming or on the situation in his surroundings. The form which accepts the power can deliver explanations for a more comprehensive understanding of the own Itself.


Whenever in the dream an action of violence happens, it is as a warning not to forget the discipline. If the dreaming, conditioned by social pressure or the circumstances, not appropriately can express himself, he reaches in the dream every now and then to power.

    putting out

  • Being the dreaming of the power of other people, he must respect, perhaps not to injure other people.
  • Becoming to us power excited and we suffer them without defending ourselves, something states about our feeling of inferiority in the awake life.
  • the unconscious the pointless of our activities indicates to us

  • of practicing we ourselves power from, to want to reach with all the strength to the aim of the wishes.
  • however,

  • power can also be a tip to sadomasochistic inclinations of the dreaming, indeed only if the dream action is unambiguously erotic.


A feeling of spiritual injustice can win through in the dream possibly in scenes of violence or actions of violence. The dreaming should associate this with the events which have recently taken place at spiritual level.


(European ones).:

  • does somebody to a power: Enemies will defeat one,
  • do themselves somebody: by inappropriate approaches with enterprises property and favour lose,
  • see in other committed act of violence: means festivities with happy friends.

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