dream pulseThe pulse is the basic life rhythm. If the dreaming realises in the sleep of his pulse, this can be a tip to some fears. In the dream this can be expressed by located beyond the dreaming the a rhythm. In addition, the vision can signal worry about the health. Pulse symbolises the energy and energy of a person which can ‘pulsate’ weakly or strongly, depending on how one himself is assessed.


If the dreaming feels his own pulse in the dream, this is called that he tries to step with the processes of the life in contact. If he feels the pulse of another person, this can be a tip that he worries to himself about the part of his personality which the other shows. Strikes the dreaming that he cannot feel his pulse, then this points to the ‘death’ of a part of his self-or his feelings.



For the sensitive a pulse should be perceptible in all things. From spiritual view is valid: The more the person stands in connection with his internal rhythm, the healthier (or more holy) he is.



  • you has no time division. Loss!

(European ones).:

  • feel: your timidity is too big, but she damages nothing,
  • hear the own raised: one should look more carefully after the shops and health, because these are in a pitiful state,
  • have a quiet one: if a very well-balanced life registers at the moment,
  • feel that of another: one kicks over the traces in his hedonism.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pulse

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