dream pinThe interpretation depends on whether the pin holds together something or is used in addition to pierce something. If is ersteres the case, this can refer to the emotional connections which the dreaming uses. Applies Secondly, the needle probably symbolises a trauma. Pin indicates that one do not attach to the small Widerwärtigkeiten of the everyday life too much meaning, should not get excited needlessly about it.


Now and then one is reminded in the dream of a feeling from the everyday life. If pin and needle play a role in the dream, this refers to the fact that the dreaming does not provide in a situation for an adequate energy flow.



Maybe the dreaming is not able to solve a spiritual problem immediately. An interim solution can be necessary which can be symbolised by the use of a pin.



  • see: have to count on difficulties in immediate future, – also: Care in dealing with female partners,
  • use: good work deliver,
  • prick themselves on it: one will have to count on defamation, or jealous people.

(European ones).:

    discussions symbolise

  • in the family,
  • see: Frustration by Klatscherei, – brings Sticheleien by ‘sharp tongues’,
  • twisted and rusty ones: warns about the fact that the respect suffers from own negligence,
  • lose one: points to an unsignificant loss and differences of opinion,
  • look and do not find: if brings an excitement,
  • with something are stuck: a connection made anew on which one puts big hopes will not be long-lasting and not fulfil hopes,
  • prick themselves with one: a silly ex-thing is brought by somebody again in recollection, – one will be got involved in rather nasty events, nothing runs by wish and in dealing with women now one should be more careful,
  • swallow one: Bad luck will float to one in menacing circumstances,
  • this dream warns

  • to young women about unladylike behaviour towards her lover.


  • affliction,
  • many see: you will receive much worthwhile work.

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