dream poppyPoppy appears in the dream either sacrificial symbol (as ‘a commemorative poppy’) or picture for the idleness and forgetting. Poppy (flower) warns about illusions, wrong hopes and stands traditionally for temptation.


Poppy in the dream is possibly a request to the dreaming, certain experiences and events at a certain time to forgetting to überantworten. What is worked on, should be forgotten to create place for bigger clarity and new experiences. It is also a symbol for ‘drunkenness-like states’ and selfjob – and, perhaps, a warning of too much self-awareness with (or by) drugs and other ‘intoxicating’ experiences.



Poppy symbolises forgetfulness. The soul must forget everything what she knows to reincarnate and to discover her own consciousness anew. The big mother is responsible as a goddess for forgetting, hence, the poppy is assigned to her.



  • see poppy field: you take it with the love not exactly,
  • a big poppy field: troubled times will be soon got over,
  • see blossoming: one can easily come to danger to begin a relation with a married person and to bring on thereby a tragic talent,
  • pick: one tries to forget disagreeable events, – also: one claps about you,
  • a poppy: hot however dangerous love affairs,
  • enjoy: you have a secret vice which to you damages,
  • eat from poppy seed: one dedicates himself to the self-deception about his own person and abilities.

(European ones).:

  • indisposition, illness, carelessness, – temptation will strike, is on the alert, because one could be thrilled to things which damage to one in the long term,
  • see big poppy field: one extremely likes to experiment in the love – also this goes once ‘to the eye’,
  • to blossoming ones see: involves in clap or even the object of the clap be more different,
  • red poppy: one feels passionate feelings for a certain person, however, this can become dangerous, because this dear affair brings bad luck,
  • poppy seeds see: meant an injurious excitement or illness,
  • poppy seeds eat: one is mistaken himself concerning his abilities.
  • poppies stand for a time of enticing joys and favorable shops which have, nevertheless, no firm foundation,
  • inhale the smell of poppies: one becomes the victim of crafty powers of persuasion and flatteries.


  • eat: do not dedicate yourselves to wrong hopes,
  • see blossoming: Klatschereien,
  • pick: sensuous love,
  • poppies see: in the house an ill person will soon be.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Poppy

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