dream pillowsSymbol for cultured family life and witty relaxation. Who pours on pillow or covers anew, dreams the wish to form more creatively the domestic atmosphere, one should relax here not only, but also (socially) can present effectively.



    slaves mean

  • All pillows.
  • he will find

  • Dreaming one that his pillow has become nicer when it was before in his body slave fallen, often the dream also points to concubines, – it seems to him, the cushion has would been stolen from him or has been tore, the evil will meet the mentioned people.
  • The pillow also points to a low slave, – everything what one dreams of the cushion, good or bad person, will come true in the slave.
  • rest on it: your comfort will be obstructive to you in some things.

(European ones).:

  • see the clean: stands for luxury and comfort,
  • the squalid: stands for selfcaused difficulties,
  • If a young woman the pillow shakes, she has good views for the future.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pillows

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