A dream about peas says a lot about your life, especially your family and professional life. Most often, it symbolizes changes that will be significant for your future.

In some cases, the dream may show people who deceive you.


Dreambook Peas

To buy peas

Buying peas in dreams means that a good investment is about to come your way. Evaluate new opportunities well, and do not waste what life offers you.

This will be a chance for a big change, especially in the financial sphere.

This dream can also show that if you want to buy something valuable, such as a house or a car, this is the right time to invest in it.

To sell peas

If you dreamed that you are selling peas, you will soon achieve something that cost you a lot of effort and sacrifice. It will be the culmination of painstaking work. It will be achieved only because of you. Enjoy this moment.

To plant peas

Planting peas in dreams indicates that an agreement and a resolution of family conflicts are approaching. There will be a significant change in your relations with people. A new period in your life is beginning.

To grow or harvest peas

The dream about you picking peas is a warning that you are becoming increasingly numb and unable to move forward, to do what you want. You need to take control of your life. Don’t wait for other people to take action.


Someone else picking peas in a dream means that co-workers or friends can use you to get what they want.

To open a can of peas

Opening a can of peas in a dream reveals that you will have to face problems you have caused yourself.

This is the right time to admit your mistakes and understand what happened so that it won’t happen again in the future. This is a unique opportunity to correct what was wrong.

To cook peas

Cooking peas in dreams indicates that stress and many complex challenges to solve, especially at work, may appear.

The dreambook, however, notes that there is a better outlook for the future. Focus on your goals now, but don’t go beyond what you can do within your competence.

To eat peas

The dreambook warns you of wrongful accusation and punishment. This will be due to the actions of other people who want to put the blame on others.

Another meaning of the dream is a warning that false friends out of jealousy can act against you. Be very careful, and think about whom you trust.

The sight of someone else eating peas indicates that this person acted negatively but will nevertheless be defended by you. This attitude can bring bad consequences for you.


To eat raw peas

Eating raw peas in dreams is a warning that your earnings will be lower than you expected. You need to be a little more cautious in financial matters, seek stability and not spend too much.

This dream also shows that it’s time to let go of things that aren’t working as they should.

Pea soup

If you dreamed about pea soup, your reputation will likely be put to the test, whether by jealous people who want to take your position or those who mess up your personal life. This is a difficult time and will require great caution on your part not to get involved in unnecessary conflicts.

Peas in a salad

The dream speaks of negative attitudes or certain problems that need to be reevaluated and resolved. Think about your behavior and reactions to different situations. Try to change what may be harming you.

Peas in rice

Seeing peas in rice in your dream means that you need to focus on your plans. Likely, these desires and goals were once abandoned or put aside, but now they are important again and need due attention.

Another meaning of the dream suggests that you may have abandoned your plans for the sake of other people. This was a mistake. Do not act that way again.

To count peas

The dream warns that you may be surprised by something, such as a quarrel in the family or some situation, which will require you to be very careful in your words and actions. Otherwise, you may cause even more misunderstandings.

To spill peas

Spilling peas can mean discussions with family members.


Control your emotions. Unresolved issues or problems that arise suddenly will tend to escalate and turn out to be much more complicated than they seemed. Talk to the people involved without losing your head.

Peas on the ground

Peas thrown or spilled on the ground in a dream symbolize the need to pay more attention to your own feelings. Your career, relationships, and other daily affairs are suppressing your personal desires.

Now you need to focus on your personal life, what you expect and want for yourself, not just your career and other people.

Peas in the garden

The dream means that your business will thrive.

If you have recently invested in something, it will bring profits. If you don’t have your own business, the meaning of this dream may indicate an improvement in your position at work, which can significantly increase your income.

Wilted or dry peas

The dream warns of impending problems, which can cause misunderstandings and difficult situations. You need to be poised to face what is to come. There will be some obstacles, but they can be overcome.

Rotten or spoiled peas

The dreambook encourages you to take care of your health. Perhaps you are forgetting healthy habits or putting off your check-ups. The dream is a call to catch up on your health and start caring for yourself daily.

To pack peas

The dream’s meaning speaks of a necessary change that will soon take place in your life and give you a new perspective on many things. Perhaps someone will appear and cause many changes in your daily life. Do not be afraid of this. It will be necessary for your future.


Bag of peas

The dream shows that after many necessary challenges and confrontations, you finally found your place and balance. Enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

To throw away peas

Throwing peas in dreams means that a family member or friend will criticize you strongly. The criticism will be about your actions or behavior. Consider if this person is not correct.

Dream meaning: peas

  • Buying peas – a good investment will appear.
  • Selling peas – you will achieve what you have worked hard for
  • Planting peas – your relations with people will change
  • Growing or harvesting peas – take control of your life
  • Opening a can of peas – admit your mistakes
  • Cooking peas – many challenges will arise
  • Eating peas – consider who you trust
  • Eating raw peas – don’t mindlessly spend money
  • Pea soup – don’t get involved in conflicts
  • Peas in salad – think about your behavior
  • Peas in rice – go back to old plans
  • Counting peas – you may be surprised by something
  • Spilling peas – get your emotions under control
  • Peas on the ground – focus on your personal life
  • Peas in the garden – your business will grow
  • Wilted or dry peas – there may be misunderstandings
  • Rotten or spoiled peas – take care of your health
  • Packed peas – a significant change will come
  • A bag of peas – you will find peace and balance
  • Throwing away peas – someone will criticize you

Mystic dreambook – peas

  • When you see peas in your dream, it is a good sign concerning your professional sphere, as it foretells that your business will finally move forward and will soon start to be profitable.
  • Blooming peas are a sign that you will be successful in some important transaction in which you have already engaged or are yet to do so.
  • Growing peas is a harbinger of good luck in the emotional sphere.
  • If you dream that you are eating peas, it foreshadows serious problems that you will soon face. It will most likely be an illness of yourself or someone close to you or some unfortunate event on professional grounds.
  • Dry peas foretell a significant influx of cash, and it is even possible that you will become wealthy.
  • When you dream that you are planting peas, it means that you have high hopes for some intention, but for the time being, it remains to be seen whether anything will come of it.
  • Picking peas is a promising sign, foretelling that you will fulfill some of your important plans.
  • Canned peas appearing in your dream signal that you will have to wait longer to carry out your plans.
  • Pea soup heralds quarrels and disagreements in the family.

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