dream pumpPump admonishes to bring a matter, finally, to the end. Sometimes she also announces pleasant surprises. This vision stands for news and changed starting positions. If the pump promotes clear water by days, the intentions of the dreamer are upright and are flawless. Dirty or clayey water points to squalid intentions.


The unconscious takes up here sometimes the picture of the heart pump, criticises her state and says us, we should act in the awake life in more mental as physical regard once a little bit more for our heart. The water pump by which no water comes circumscribes that one has got entangled in an almost hopeless matter from which one better left the fingers. If a lot of water flows by the pump, we can fire out in the awake life easily about an aim. Only if the Pumpenschwengel becomes clear in quiet steady tempo moved and the water flows and continuously, we might hope to master a difficult thing successfully. If others pump, is to be understood in terms of ‘borrowing’.




  • in a well: your efforts cause the most pleasant success,
  • to themselves see standing in one: one has to count in future on professional worries,
  • serve and water pours forth from her: one takes to heart the advice to be more diligently than up to now, a great success might be achieved.

(European ones).:

  • see one: Stimulus to an action which one ventures near not surely – energy and loyalty will lead to the success in the business, – good health,
  • normally promises

  • serve successfully: one goes in a matter too far, – the life we with pleasure and remunerative enterprises full,
  • want to serve not functioning ones: all dear trouble will be vain,
  • a broken one: the strength them is necessary to make headway, it is consumed by the care around the family, – for lovers it means wasted energy,
  • other see serving one: one will be asked for help or support,
  • pump clear water: if is a good sign, – the business will prosper,
  • pump dirty water: one is bothered by worries and defamation of character.


  • see: pleasant surprise.

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