dream pepperPepper is a Würzmittel, a quality which is often taken up in the dream. The dreaming should realise a good or gainful situation completely. Pepper can indicate strong desires and passions which must be better controlled. However, maybe he also asks to accelerate a matter or to give more spice to the life all together. Old dream books see in it the tip to a life with many Widerwärtigkeiten.


It is not so rare at all that one sees pepper in the dream, scatters or tastes. With it the unconscious indicates us maybe, we should be livelier quietly a little, more pepper have to be able to enjoy without restraint the joys of the life. Who strews, however, the spice heedlessly on the ground, wishes a competitor where the pepper grows. Pepper in the dream is a tip to the fact that the dreaming changes his taste. Maybe he reacts in the everyday life to a detail in a respect or in a situation which is not after his taste. This symbolism often appears if the dreaming must change radically something.



At this level pepper refers in the dream to spiritual warmth and love.



  • The pepper means, in any case, processes, disputes and distress.
  • Finding or agrees to a pepper, he will have to do with processes and plagues within and beyond his house, – eats to a pepper, he will be punished after his amount and sharpness by the authority, – shops to a pepper after weight, he will come on grounds of a judgement to distress and need because of the double scales, – he distributes pepper among the people, he will sow discord among them according to the amount which he distributed.
  • Seeming it somebody, he finds or takes peppercorn in itself, he will have to pass illness and plague, measured in their amount, – he takes to food peppercorn, need and tears of his will await according to their sharpness.
  • see grind or bumping: indicates at disgruntlement and bad mood,
  • bump: you destroy your enemies by own success,
  • eat: you have to get over a bad chance or to overcome a challenge, – also: you get a very disagreeable job.

(European ones).:

  • disputes in the family will prepare one in the next time for grief, – insults, – also: one will find out bitter truth,
  • burn themselves the tongue in it: because of his passion for gossip problems with friends agree,
  • must sniff and sneeze afterwards: Talent in the family,
  • red pepper see growing: prophesied a sparing and independent partner in the marriage,
  • mountains of red pepper pods see: one will let aggressively defend his rights,
  • grind black pepper: one will become the victim of the cabal play of scheming men or women,
  • see as a pepper plant on the table: there are bitter reproaches and quarrel,
  • strews a young woman her food with it, it will been deceptive by her friends.


  • eat: Widerwärtigkeiten,
  • grind or bump: you are irritable.

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