dream pilgrimsIf the dreaming undertakes a pilgrim’s trip in his dream, he recognises the purposeful side of his personality. Beside determination trust is the most important condition to reach the aimed terminator point. Pilgrim stands for the wish to find to himself, however, warns at the same time about big isolation and selfisolation.


A pilgrim can show the hermit or the old manners. The part of his personality which is sure his itself and does not need a lot of ‘input’ of other people can steer the life of the dreaming – presumed, he creates the suitable basic conditions. The pilgrim can symbolise beside the search for the sense of the life also feelings of guilt and remorse.



At the spiritual level the pilgrim means self-realisation and spiritual search in the dream.




  • A bad action is sorry, you would like to undo them with pleasure.
  • see: News from a distance receive, – also: keep an eye on a distant aim,
  • be: watch out for Abwegen which would overthrow you in the downfall, – it approaches one a worried time in which one has to make decisions which will influence the whole life in the long term.

(European ones).:

  • a warning dream: all existing is not reliable, but transient, – also: one will go on a vast trip, as well as home and the most valuable objects leave, however, one should not lose his distant aim out of sight,
  • see or take part in a pilgrim’s train: indicates at laborious work without necessary wage and right success, – reminds of the transitoriness all earthly luck, – with poverty fight and have unpleasant companions,
  • even one be: if artificial or forced loneliness indicates to find itself internally,
  • If a young woman means, a pilgrim approaches her, then it becomes a light victim of deception. If he leaves them, she will awake from the weakness and aim at the independence of the mind.


  • see: you will soon receive news from a distant country.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pilgrims

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