dream punishmentIf a child notices that it does not correspond to the expectations of the adults, it is afraid often of punishment. In the later life one dreams of being punished if one fears not to have grown to the achievement standards or cannot solve a conflict. For selfpunishment it comes if the dreaming does not fulfil the demands made in himself even. This may be the only way out from his dilemma. It seems to him lighter to endure pain, than to solve the problem. Maybe, however, one edges out successfully that one earns, actually, ‘punishment’, however, does not stop against better knowledge damaging somebody (or also itself). Then dreams inform us of things which we would not like to know, actually, at all, thus also the punishments about which we know subconsciously that we earn them. Sometimes these are punishments for actions which we have not committed at all, or committed for unthinking. Dreams punish now and again for actions or thoughts which does not approve of this better I. Besides, the dream symbols often seem coated. If one has said maybe only absent-mindedly something disadvantageous of a friend, one sees himself in the dream immediately in the gallows (because one has committed ‘call murder’!) . Such dreams can also be an expression of the convictions, someone else earns the punishment. Because a dream symbol can represent everything and everybody, the criminal can be another person or one himself. Even a whole MOB can show exclusively own personality, indeed, also the public opinion. If one dreams that one is lynched, one must consider whether one behaves in the awake life antisocial. One can also be himself the penal instrument, then so gallows, floor, guillotine or rod, – are to be investigated who is punished with it and why. Physical castigation, e.g., Whip with the rod or beating with the truncheon, punishment must not mean at all. If she happens in the dream and is felt even pleasantly, the interpretation of masochistic inclinations is obvious.


The worst spiritual punishment is the knowledge that an aimed developing step was not completed.




  • letting to you everything do not offer. The small Nörgeleien and underhandedness of your people arise only from the envy. However, your rest impresses and leads to your victory and success.

(European ones).:

  • become: unexpected pleasure.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Punishment

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