A phone is communication, so a dream about a phone can be a sign that you miss talking to someone or feel that you should leave someone and move on.

A dream about a telephone means that you are about to meet someone very dear to you, whom you haven’t seen for a long time. When you least expect it, you will receive good news, and professional success is only a matter of time.


Telephone communication represents the way you relate to others. However, this type of dream can also be an allusion to your internal communication and whether you are acting in harmony with yourself, how you express your feelings.

A dream about a phone also indicates that you will meet someone you haven’t seen for a while or resume old relationships that have been broken.

Dream meaning of phone

Seeing a phone

The dream may be an indication that you will be visited by someone you have not seen for a long time. A phone in a dream always has the meaning of communication, representing your relationship with people, but it can also be a message that you may encounter a problem that you have been avoiding for some time.

New phone

A dream about a new phone signifies a desire for new experiences. Perhaps you are looking for a new relationship, new friendships, or a new job.

The dream is also an invitation to make a self-assessment and strive to be a better and better person.

Phone ringing (ringing phone)

A dream about a ringing phone may indicate focusing on the negative side of events and failing to see that there is a good side to every event. Try to look at the world a little more optimistically.


The dream suggests that you live under constant stress and have many responsibilities. You have taken on too much and are now anxious and depressed. You don’t want to say no to others and are afraid of displeasing people. Think about the changes you need to make to regain your well-being. You need to learn to say “no” by setting limits.

A dream about a ringing phone means that something in your life needs attention. You may need to hear more and speak less in order to see a particular situation from a different angle and thus find a solution.

Another meaning of the dream may be the announcement of a visit from someone who will come from far away.

This type of dream also means that you are more creative, open to new ideas. A certain situation becomes clearer for you.

To answer the phone

The dream can be associated with a sense of isolation and lack of attention. When something worse happens to you, there is a natural tendency to shut down and isolate yourself from others and the world. Let the pain go and don’t let suffering dominate your life.

The dream meaning indicates that it is time to be happy again.

Talk on the phone

The dream encourages you to assess how your relationships are with loved ones, family and friends. Maybe you feel like talking to someone?

The dream may also mean that the time is coming to face some problem that you have been putting off for some time. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.


Talking on the phone in a dream is also a prediction that you will make an excellent business deal.

The dream suggests that you are not getting the answers you would like. Perhaps it is related to your job, your job search or your personal life.

The meaning of the dream tells you that you need to change your methods, habits and even the ways in which you face situations and challenges. If you continue to do things the same way, you will certainly not get answers.

Anonymous phone call

Receiving an anonymous phone call is a sign that a false person will be exposed. Be vigilant about the people you surround yourself with.

Phone number

If you see a specific phone number in your dream, it means that you are open to new information. Maybe it’s time to start a course you’ve always put off or learn something new.

If you dream about your own phone number, you need to take responsibility for some important decision. You can ask for the opinion of people you trust, but the final decision must be yours.

If the phone number you see in your dream belongs to someone else, the dreamer recommends that you keep in touch with someone or suggests that you need the help of a friend.

If you saw an old phone number in your dream the meaning of the dream indicates that you should focus on the present. You miss something from your past, but you should accept that what has passed will not return.


If you saw an unfamiliar phone number in your dream it means that you are afraid to face new situations, you feel apprehension and stress about how you will be received by others. Don’t let this paralyze your work and your life. Take steps to cure yourself of this anxiety.

Dialing the wrong number

Something is going on in your relationship, you are looking for answers to questions that are bothering you and you are not finding them. Perhaps you are not expressing your feelings properly and need to be more open and direct with your partner.

Calling an emergency number (emergency room, police, fire department)

The dream suggests that you need to ask for help. Put aside your pride and fear and call the people you love and trust to help you through the situation you are in.

Dialing the phone number of a dead person

You need to put the past behind you and clean up your emotional life. You need to overcome disappointments in love so that you can open up to new relationships. The dream indicates the need to let go of the past. Focus your thoughts on what is good for you and your life now.

Busy telephone

A dream about a busy phone can mean that you have not been paying attention to your inner voice, or that others are not noticing your will and presence. The dreamer reminds us that others only do to us what we allow them to do to us.

Also, focus more on what makes you happy.

Waiting for a call

The dream suggests your irritation and anxiety. You like everything to be solved quickly, you don’t like to wait and you lack patience. You are pragmatic.

The dream shows the need to be more flexible, to understand that many of the situations we go through are part of processes, and therefore a simple and direct answer is often not possible or not the best answer. Be patient, accept that people are different and therefore do not face challenges in the same way you do. Respect other people’s time.


Can’t get through

This dream suggests that you have difficulty communicating, expressing yourself and connecting with the world. You may be going through a difficult time and prefer to be alone. You may be carrying wounds and have closed yourself off, or you may have difficulty trusting and opening up to new people. Give yourself time to heal and make it your goal to start a new and better phase of your life.

I can’t dial a phone number

A dream in which you can’t dial a phone number suggests that you feel blocked, without access to someone important. You may feel ignored or even scorned.

Even if you feel bad, keep your balance. Try to explain the situation and understand why this person is behaving this way.

Suspended telephone

The meaning of the dream is related to your social circle, people who want to meet you. Perhaps you are giving someone false hope. You know that you never want to meet someone, but you do not have the courage to tell them.

The dream meaning advice: be clear and transparent in your relationships.

Locked telephone

If you dream that you can’t unlock your phone, for example because you forgot the password, it suggests difficulties in communicating with a loved one. Try to hear what the person has to say, understand their side of the story and rebuild the relationship.

Weak telephone signal

A dream about a weak telephone signal indicates problems in relationships, quarrels, conflicts, misunderstandings. It is necessary to take steps to resolve the situation.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are not doing all you can in the situation you are in. It is time to devote more time to what is important.


No signal on your phone

This kind of dream reflects your isolation or distance. It can also indicate that a relationship that is important to you is facing a barrier or obstacle and you can’t get along with that person.

Someone using (calling) your telephone

The dream indicates that you feel taken advantage of by someone in your professional or family environment. Stand firm and don’t let others take advantage of you.

Someone hangs up (the phone)

This dream represents the way you relate to those around you. Think about how you deal with the world. Demand and give respect. Change the way you communicate and it will bring you peace and balance.

Phone call from someone who has already died (deceased)

A dream of receiving a phone call from someone who has already died is a way of evoking a moment of mourning. It can also be related to a separation, the end of a relationship with someone you love. You need to give yourself time to relive this moment. Focus on positive memories and let things take their course.

Pick up the phone quickly

A dream can be a signal that it’s time to address your fears. If you’re constantly stressed, anxious, and nervous about situations that need to happen, it’s time to take better care of your feelings. Recognize the impact anxiety has on your body, mind, and life in general. Don’t hesitate to get help if you need it.

A phone call from someone I like

A dream is a good omen that good news is coming in your love life. If you are already in a relationship, it is a sign that you will receive a gift, an invitation to a movie or a restaurant.

If you are single, the dream means that you will soon find someone who will touch your heart. Keep an open mind and remember to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Do not answer the ringing telephone

This dream suggests a refusal to solve a situation. You can easily do what is asked of you, but because you don’t see the benefit, you avoid getting involved. You don’t want to help and may make it difficult to resolve the conflict.


Another possible interpretation of this dream is that you are neglecting someone. You no longer support this person and have decided to remove them from your life. It is likely that this person has been getting in your way or even overstepping boundaries. You may want to reconsider your decision.

Forgetting or losing your phone

You may be going through a major change, perhaps a new job or boss, or perhaps a move to a new home. Be optimistic and look for the positive in new situations.

Stolen phone

Having your phone stolen in your dream suggests that you are having trouble parting with someone or letting go of something that doesn’t serve you. Perhaps you have recently suffered some kind of loss, or you are aware that you should move on from someone, but you do not. Free yourself from whatever is holding you back!

Burning phone

A dream of your phone on fire suggests that you are about to explode, that you have an excess of problems and responsibilities. You may be stressed and tired. The dream is a warning to pay attention to your physical and mental well-being. You need to rest, take a vacation and prioritize.

Broken phone

A dream in which the telephone does not work signifies the bad feelings you experience on a daily basis. It is possible that you cannot find a way out of a situation at the moment, but despair will not bring you any solutions. You don’t see a solution to a problem because you are not diligently looking for one.

Ignoring problems will not allow you to overcome them. The first step is to recognize what is causing your life not to work the way you want it to. If you decide to face the difficulties, they will gradually lose their power and you will be able to see new solutions.
A dream about a broken telephone indicates that you feel lonely, ignored, friendless. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period of suffering connected with disappointment or the loss of someone close to you. The dreamer advises you to look for people to talk to, people who can support you, comfort you, show you their true feelings. Look to your family for support.

Telephone cable

The dream suggests that you avoid facing the situation. You may want to stay away from a conflict. However, the dream says that you should speak up, take action, and although it is difficult to take this step, the dream shows that it is important. Try to understand what is happening and you will have a clearer picture of your situation.

Types of phones

Landline phone

You may feel that everything is escaping you, moving away, passing you by. It is possible that you are surrounded by people who do not want you to evolve. Perhaps you need to cut yourself off from those with whom you have had close relationships? If you feel restricted by someone close to you, you need to set clear boundaries and respect yourself and others.


A dream about a landline indicates that you are an available person and like to help others. However, the meaning of the dream indicates that you will neglect your own needs in order to solve the problems of others. You feel good when people ask you for help, it makes you feel good. But don’t neglect your personal problems in favor of other people’s problems. Put yourself first.

Cordless phone

A dream about a cordless phone indicates that you will go through difficult times that may require patience and diplomatic skills. The problem will be related to misunderstandings, gossip and jealousy.

The dreamer advises: Concentrate on what is good for you and everything will pass quickly. Avoid people who harm others.

Cell phone

The dream indicates that you are open to new information. Changes can come at any time. However, if you lost your cell phone in the dream, it means that these changes may not come because of your negligence or missed opportunities.

The meaning of the dream informs that you are a person sensitive to the plight of others, your empathy makes you always ready to help and support people, but be careful not to take on too many problems and those whose solution is not yours.

A dream about a cell phone indicates that you may feel taken advantage of, disregarded, or not given the respect you deserve at work or at home. It’s time to speak up and set boundaries, to say “no” when you can’t solve a problem or help.

Phone booth

The dream indicates that you need to be more patient. You would like to resolve the situation quickly, close the matter, but in reality it is far from over. Take a deep breath and talk to the people involved to explain the situation better. You need to be more tolerant and use your diplomatic skills. Avoid acting on impulse.

Soon you may find new friends and even a new love. The dreamer notes that you need to become more independent in your decisions and more responsible for your own actions.


Dream Meaning: Phone

  • To see a phone – someone you haven’t seen for a long time will visit you.
  • New phone – you are looking for new experiences.
  • Phone ringing – you do not see the good side of events.
  • Answering the phone – going out to meet people
  • Talking on the phone – you have to face some problem
  • Anonymous phone – a fake person will be exposed
  • Phone number – you are open to new information
  • Dial a fake number – be more open with your partner
  • Dial an emergency number (emergency room, police, fire department) – ask for help
  • Dial the number of a dead person – put the past behind you
  • Busy phone – also focus more on what makes you happy
  • Waiting for a call – you need to be more flexible
  • Can’t get through – you have difficulty communicating with the world
  • Can’t dial a number – you feel ignored
  • Putting the phone on hold – giving clear messages to others
  • Locked phone – having trouble communicating with a loved one
  • Weak phone signal – you are not doing all you can to resolve the conflict
  • No signal on the phone – you can’t get along with someone
  • Someone using (calling) your phone – you feel used by someone
  • Someone hangs up (puts the phone down) – change the way you communicate with others
  • Someone calls you who is already dead – let things take their course
  • Answer the phone quickly – overcome your fears
  • A call from someone I like – find someone who touches your heart
  • Not answering the phone when it rings – neglecting someone
  • Forgotten or lost phone – significant changes ahead
  • Stolen phone – having trouble letting go of something that doesn’t serve you
  • Burning phone – pay attention to your physical and mental well-being
  • Broken phone – seek support primarily from your family
  • Cable phone – you avoid facing a situation
  • Landline phone – set clear boundaries and respect yourself and others
  • Cordless phone – focus on what is good for you
  • Cell phone – change can come at any time
  • Pay phone – be more patient

Mystic dream meaning – telephone

In general, this symbol can mean that you lack contact with other people when you are awake and that you want to diversify your social life.

The meaning of the dream telephone

If you see a telephone in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon meet a person who will be mysterious to you and a real enigma.

If you hear the telephone ringing, it means that you or someone close to you will have a serious illness.

If you dream of being called to the phone, it means that he will not want to meet you when you wake up.

If you are called to the phone, it is a sign that for some reason you will not want to show your true face to a new acquaintance.

If you receive a phone call in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that you will suffer unpleasant consequences if you do not fulfill all your obligations on time.

If you dream that you are calling someone who does not answer the phone, it foretells that someone will not show up for a meeting with you.

If you hang up the phone, you will have a pleasant meeting.


If you dream that you want to make a phone call but make a mistake in dialing, it means that you will make a mistake with someone when you wake up.

A broken telephone in your dream foretells the death of someone close to you.

If you dream that you are calling someone repeatedly by mistake, it means that you will not be able to communicate with someone when you wake up, and this will be the cause of your great stress.

dream telephoneTelephone is interpreted mostly like the phone.



  • you will receive unexpected news.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will make the acquaintance of a person who does not give to recognise himself, – one will find out news,
  • use: one will do preceding with another person,
  • are called: one will receive a refusal to an engagement,
  • wrong connection: if a wrong connection also tells in the reality in,
  • of the participants does not contact: one will be moved with a date,
  • are separated during a conversation: if brings a happy one see again.


  • see: unexpected visit comes to your house.

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