dream pulpitThe dream, from the pulpit or from the altar a sermon to hear, means that their contents of the highest authority come who could represent, however, also the uppermost authority of our internal forces. Knowingly for the explanation it is as the sermon was delivered: gruffly or softly, strictly or mildly. Mostly it is the request of the soul on the internal stop. To stand even on the pulpit points out to the fact that one aims at influence and at power about others, inclines maybe also to the dogmatism and stubbornness. Further a strong need to talk to others can be expressed in it.


The pulpit is a separated, raised position of the preacher.




  • see: Recognition find, – on happy news is to be calculated,
  • mount: great honour attain, – one will have to appear as public,
  • see themselves on one: one would like to provide important news for certain people in his surroundings, – one should assert his rights compared with others,
  • listen to a pulpit orator: one is in the contradiction to own personality.

(European ones).:

  • see one: one will influence others, – signal worries and nuisances, – also: must appear in the foreseeable future as public and make a speech or one will have to defend himself before attacks,
  • mount one or on it stand: public honour, – also: illnesses and unsatisfactory commercial results or commercial results of every kind stand in the house,
  • to themselves see standing on it: you want to influence others,
  • of one make a speech: one always wants to be right.


  • see: Joys and pleasure,
  • mount: you are pretended very much, watch that you do not come to case.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Pulpit

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