If you had a dream about a knife, you should focus on priorities and not get carried away by your emotions. The dream may also indicate that there is a way to achieve a much-needed reconciliation in some disputes.

Dreambook knife

The dream can also be interpreted as the emergence of necessary changes in your life, which you are reluctant to accept. From here, perhaps, misunderstandings and conflicts will arise.


A dream about a knife can be an opportunity to rethink your life and your relationship with the people around you, as well as to see opportunities that you should not miss.

To see a knife

A dream that you see a knife signifies a shock in relationships with very close people. You can control this and not let misunderstandings spoil the family’s peace. Make a rethink, avoid getting into discussions, and use your wisdom to prevent arguments.

If you’ve been staring at a knife for too long it’s a sign that someone you haven’t seen in a long time will appear in your life and try to get close to you again. This could be a former partner or an old friend. Remember, however, that people change, and thus try to avoid unnecessary trouble.

To see someone with a knife

If in your dream someone else has a knife, and you feel threatened, it means that you are going through difficult times in the relationship. You no longer have power, control, or voice in it. If you care about your partner, try to talk to him. But if that doesn’t work, consider ending the relationship.

To hold a knife (have a knife)

A dream that you are holding a knife signifies a conflict situation in your relationship. Be aware of the upcoming events, but try to control your attitudes and restrain your impulses, so that this irritation does not lead to conflict, because it will not be good for anyone.

Be careful with your feelings! This dream warns that there is a lot of anger and aggression in you. Get rid of it.


To sharpen a knife

When you sharpen a knife in a dream, it means that you will start a dispute that may end in a breakup. It could be the end of a friendship or relationship. Rethink your behavior, do you really want this?

To cut yourself with a knife

The meaning of the dream relates to your relationship, it symbolizes a love disappointment. Don’t create fiction in your mind, accept what is happening and learn lessons for the future.

To find a knife

A dream that you find a knife means that you will help resolve a conflict between your friends, acquaintances, or relatives. If it was a sharp knife it means that you are involved in a conflict, but you will know how to solve it. If the knife was rusty, it will concern your family.

Another dream meaning can be related to changes that are coming. You are worried about what they will be and what they will bring. Be more optimistic.

To receive a blow with a knife (knife attack).

The dream signifies bad deeds or betrayal, which may have been caused by a misunderstanding between you and a person very dear to you. Try to resolve what happened as fast as possible. Remember that appearances are often deceiving.

Someone you trust too much will betray you in ways you never expected. Be careful with your friendships, not everyone around you shows their true face. Be careful who you hang out with. This dream is a warning that people around you are behaving very aggressively. The best solution is to withdraw or wait.

To stab someone with a knife

The dream that you stab someone with a knife means that you will soon lose your temper and throw yourself into a situation that is complicated to solve. Dreambook warns that stabbing someone with a knife in a dream indicates that you may end up in the middle of a legal conflict that will not be easy to resolve. Evaluate your actions and attitudes before it’s too late to reflect.

The dream also means that you may lose something that you cared a lot about, and this may create a conflict between you and your family. The matter will eventually resolve itself, and may even go to court. However, you will have little influence on its course.


Another dream meaning warns that legal problems will arise in your life. It is best to prepare financially for their fast resolution.

You feel that something difficult to resolve is about to happen. Be prepared for some “attack”, but approach any situation calmly. Sometimes imagining something is more frightening than the event itself.

To fight with a knife (knife fight)

A dream about a knife fight means that your future depends on what you decide today. You don’t have plenty of options, thus you need plenty of calm and reason to make a good decision.

This dream also indicates that you are living something that will not benefit you in the future. You need to get away from the mess you’ve gotten yourself into. However, your friends may not understand your actions, nevertheless, remember that you know best what will be good for you.

Bloody knife (knife covered in blood)

According to Dreambook, a dream about a bloody knife means a fast change in your love life. The meaning of the dream suggests that your relationship is coming to an end. Problems will arise, and the best option is to end the relationship.

The dream also signifies guilt. You feel guilty because of something you did to someone and you are afraid that this person will find out about it and you will be punished. Don’t be afraid, just face the situation. Preempt events and resolve the matter yourself.

Knife stabbed in the back

The dream warns you about false people around you. Perhaps someone wants to harm you at the least expected moment and in a perfidious way.

Knife in the stomach

The dream may mean problems in everyday life.


Other meanings of the dream may relate to diet or digestive problems. The dream can be a warning against neglecting health and neglecting the basic needs of the body.

Knife at the throat

The dream foreshadows some conflicting situations, problems, and events that will put you “against the wall”. You will lack arguments to defend yourself. You will be dependent on others.

Another meaning of the dream speaks of the inability to speak your own mind, and opinions.

Sharp knife

The meaning of the dream suggests that you do not refrain from saying everything you think, without thinking. It is good, to be honest, but even honesty requires the right time and place. Your words should be balanced to avoid unnecessary discussions and misunderstandings.

This dream is a warning for you to think about your own attitudes. According to the Dreambook, a sharp knife in a dream means that you will run into problems that may be difficult to solve. But if you make an effort, you will be able to get out of this crisis.

Blunt knife

The dream means that you may be betrayed. Be on the lookout and try to find out what is really going on in your relationship. Spend more time with your partner, show cleverness and interest, and find out what your partner feels and needs.

A dream about a dull knife means that you have become a more confident person. Now you are not afraid to fight for what you want and dream about. Enjoy this moment and overcome all the obstacles of your life.

Rusty knife

When the knife in your dream is rusty it is a sign that there will be many disputes in your life, especially in the family. This is the moment when you will feel threatened. Don’t assume anything in advance.


Broken knife

A dream about a broken knife signifies financial problems. Limit your spending, be more economical, and wait for a better time to start a new project. This worse phase will soon pass.

You are likely to experience a love disappointment. You may also experience financial difficulties. It may be a moment of sadness but don’t succumb to bad moods. You will find a solution to a difficult situation.

Knife – saw

Dreambook states that you are fighting for yourself, however, try to be more careful in your words and actions. Control your emotions and impulses.

Table knife

A dream about a table knife means family conflicts. They will affect people close to you, not directly you. Use your confidence and wisdom to seek the best solution to the conflict.

Butcher knife

A dream about a butcher knife means that life is smiling at you at the moment. You are going through a happy period. Enjoy even small events and take advantage of the gifts of fate.

Barbecue knife

Dreambook predicts the end of love. The coming days will bring you great changes. However, do not be angry or sad, new opportunities and opportunities for happiness are ahead of you.

Kitchen knife

A dream about a kitchen knife signifies uncertainty and fear that your actions will not bring good results. Dreambook assures you that you have great strength and determination to reach your goal.

Summary : dream meaning of knife

  • To see a knife – do not allow an argument with loved ones
  • To see someone with a knife – you are going through difficult times in a relationship
  • To hold a knife (have a knife) – get rid of anger
  • To sharpen a knife – you will start a dispute that may end in the breakup of a relationship
  • To cut yourself with a knife – you may feel disappointed
  • To find a knife – you will help resolve a conflict between your friends or relatives
  • To receive a blow with a knife (knife attack) – watch out for people close to you, appearances are deceiving
  • To stab someone with a knife – you may lose something you really cared about
  • To fight with a knife (knife fight) – your future depends on what you decide today
  • Bloody knife (knife covered in blood) – there will be a fast change in your love life
  • Knife stabbed in the back – beware of fake people around you
  • Knife in the stomach – don’t neglect your health
  • Knife at your throat – you will experience a conflicting situation
  • Sharp knife – be careful with your words
  • Dull knife – you may be betrayed
  • Rusty knife – there will be arguments in your family
  • Broken knife – you will experience a love disappointment
  • Knife-saw – control your emotions and impulses
  • Table knife – help resolve family conflicts
  • Butcher knife – enjoy and take advantage of what fate gives you
  • Barbecue knife – great changes are ahead of you
  • Kitchen knife – you have the strength and determination to reach your goal

Dream about a knife

In general, this symbol can signal that in waking life you have plenty of strength in you, but it is more aggression and primitive strength than something to boast about and shine against your surroundings.


Mystic Dreambook : knife

  • If you see a knife in your dream, it heralds some kind of separation for you.
  • Buying a knife foretells that you will be able to achieve significant wealth quickly.
  • Cutting something with a knife foreshadows financial troubles awaiting you.
  • When you dream that you cut yourself with a knife, it foretells that you will soon experience some illusion or disappointment.
  • A rusty knife appearing in your dream foretells an unspecified loss for you.
  • When you dream that you want to injure yourself with a knife, but can’t because it is too dull, it foretells that you will soon fail in some endeavor.
  • If you see a large butcher’s knife in your dream, it is a warning from your subconscious about some imminent danger, but it is not clear what it might be exactly about.
  • A razor appearing in your dream foreshadows a family conflict for you.
  • If you dream that you see a knife on a table or in a drawer, it is a warning from your subconscious for you to behave correctly in every situation in your waking life and not allow yourself to behave in ways that you would later have to be ashamed of.
  • When you see a knife and fork, it foreshadows for you a meeting with friends or relatives.
  • If you sharpen a knife in your dream, it means that soon there will be some kind of argument in your environment.
  • Finding a knife is a signal that in the near future, you need to be more vigilant when it comes to your professional affairs, as something may threaten you in this sphere.
  • If you attack someone with a knife in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that in waking life you are behaving dishonestly in some matter.

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