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Meaning of dream Kettle :

dream kettleWhat cooks in the kettle and bubbles, is thereby submitted to a change – the raw becomes done, the hard softy. The symbolic sense: creative change, reorganisation, refining. Also: Emotional and mental strength melts to the whole personality.

  • a full kettle registers that one is contented and has what one needs, empty registers that something is absent. Besides, presumably it concerns material things.
  • Standing of the kettles smoking on the cooker, one does not need to worry to have to spend his life lonely: one will be always surrounded by good friends.
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    Dream interpretation and meaning : Kettle

  • Cooking he, soon on some excitement in the informal area.
  • a magic kettle points to fertility and the female power of the change.
  • a big kettle connects the dreaming with his basic principles. If a big kettle in the dream plays a rolling, the dreaming on his intuitive abilities must reflect to create new with easy ingredients.
  • a teakettle stands for transformation and change and refers to the practical side. He requires from the dreaming to accelerate his learning process and growth process.


At the spiritual level a big kettle symbolises renewal and rebirth, magic and magic forces which stand in the service of the bigger whole.



  • see or in it cook: irritating things get to know, – also: one is ready and expects you,
  • about fire: one will hard press to you.

(European ones).:

  • see a clean one: happy omen, – forecasts a busy time,
  • kettles see: one will get guests,
  • of full kettles: a lot of work with uninvited guests,
  • of empty kettles: announces disputes,
  • with cooking water see: must not wait any more long for the end of a difficult phase, – Li> stands often for excitement and disputes,
  • boiling over on the stove see: if a big excitement brings after the others, – losses and annoyance,
  • washing kettles see: Cleanliness acts,
  • more anew: Conflict with a friend,
  • a dark kettle disappointment means

  • with a young woman in the love. A bright kettle stands against it for an unconcerned life. She gets a pretty man who fits to her.
  • mend: one willbe well taken up with others,
  • old and more repaired: promises that one knows how to help himself,
  • boilermaker: one will become a bride or bridegroom,
  • of broken kettles: stands for failure which comes up in spite of big strains on one.


  • see: in the house is disagreement.


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Kettle - dream interpretation and meaning
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