A dream about kidnapping means that you need to be more careful and pay more attention to the people around you. It is necessary to take care of your belongings and protect yourself from jealous people.

A dream about kidnapping means that you need to be more careful about what is yours and stay away from those you do not trust. It refers to “being robbed” of something that belongs to you or being forced to do something you don’t want to do.


Dreambook kidnapping

To witness a kidnapping (see a kidnapping).

A dream that you are a witness to a kidnapping means that you need to pay more attention to the people around you, take care of your belongings, and protect your property from theft. Guard what is yours, including intangible assets, and don’t let others manage them.

To be kidnapped (you are kidnapped, abducted).

According to the Dreambook, such a dream often represents a situation of fear and uncertainty, emotional instability, and a situation that you can not get out of. It is important to regain a sense of freedom and security. Talking is always the best way to get out of difficult situations, especially in moments of jealousy, and difficulties in personal and professional life. Devote more attention and care to these matters.

Dreambook warns: that someone or something is preventing you from continuing the fight to achieve your goals. Consider what it is, maybe the obstacle is a mundane, everyday situation. You may want to review your plans once again and modify your actions. Don’t be fooled by false promises.

To be a kidnapper

If you dream that you kidnap someone it is probably a sign that you crave that person’s attention. Instead of trying to figure out what to do to finally get her to notice you, approach, talk, offer something. This situation can apply to your work, but also to your personal life.

Kidnapping of boyfriend, partner (girlfriend, partner)

The dream usually occurs when you are in a relationship that you are not sure about.

A dream about kidnapping a boyfriend or girlfriend is nothing more than a fear of being alone or of betrayal. Take care of your relationship if you care about it and get rid of your fears.


Another dream meaning indicates that there is a fear that your partner is cheating on you. Instead of delving into conjecture, find out what the truth is.

Kidnapping of a relative

Often a dream about kidnapping a family member usually occurs when you feel rejected by a loved one.

Another dream meaning suggests that you may have a problem with your family and don’t know how to deal with it. Talk to your loved ones and look for a solution together.

Kidnapping a child

If you are a parent and have a dream about kidnapping a child is a sign that you need to be closer to him, and take an interest in his problems to help him. At this time, the most important thing is to determine what your child is experiencing. Try to act naturally, and calmly.

Another meaning of the dream about child abduction is something that marked you as a child, leaving a trauma. It is necessary to investigate what it was, to reflect on the past and current life, and to neutralize the pain and sadness.

Dreambook also points to another dream meaning: perhaps someone is robbing you of the joy or innocence you carry within you. Don’t let this happen.

The dream may also be related to children growing up. If your child is becoming an adult or facing important life choices, becoming independent, the dream may be an expression of your fears and anxieties. It is difficult for you to accept your new situation or your child’s friends. Whether your fears are justified – it is better to check and talk frankly with your child.

Kidnapping of a friend

According to Dreambook, a dream about kidnapping a friend is a desire for the attention of someone close to you, who for some reason has left or left you. The stronger the impression this dream makes on you, the clearer the sign that you want to meet and talk to this person to clarify misunderstandings.


Kidnapping and escape

A dream about kidnapping and escape is a clear sign that you need to stop running away from difficulties and face your problems. It is necessary to face any unpleasant situation and fight for everything you believe in. Do not hide for fear of losing something or someone, life is a risk worth taking.

The dream may also indicate a desire to have something that has snatched, some feature or thing, abilities, or achievements. Try to develop new skills, you are unique and have abilities that no one else has. Jealousy will not get you anywhere.

Summary of dream meanings of kidnapping

  • To witness a kidnapping (see a kidnapping) – you need to pay more attention to the people around you
  • To be kidnapped (you are kidnapped, abducted) – regain a sense of freedom and security
  • To be kidnapper – you want to get someone’s attention
  • To be kidnapped by a boyfriend, partner (girlfriend, partner) – you are afraid of loneliness
  • Kidnapping a relative – you feel rejected by a loved one
  • Kidnapping of a child – protect the joy you carry inside you
  • Kidnapping a friend – you miss someone close to you who has left you
  • Kidnapping and running away – stop running away from difficulties and problems

Detailed interpretation

Dream about being kidnapped

Being kidnapped, held hostage, or abducted in a dream can be a very frightening experience. Dreams about kidnapping and abduction can be very intense. If you dream about being held hostage, you may feel as if you are in a no-win situation.

Depending on what other people appear in the dream, you may also feel anxiety associated with them upon awakening. Although recurring bad dreams are very frightening, the good news is that you can very easily stop and prevent nightmares once you understand the emotions and fears behind bad dreams.

Meaning of kidnapping dream

Kidnapping is an act of violence, acting against your will. If the kidnapper catches you and flees with you to a place you do not want to go, it means that in waking life you have little control over the situation.

Learning to balance the needs of different people can be difficult. Controlling others is very difficult, especially if you feel responsible for someone, such as an employee or a child.

Here are some examples of situations in our lives that can get out of control:

  • Reckless and unpredictable behaviorFeelings of powerlessness
  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • A sense of responsibility for others

When we are not in control of a situation, we often feel anxious and nervous. We don’t know what will happen and we have no control over what might happen. This can be very stressful.


Safety and acceptance

Everyone has some weaknesses, no one is perfect! There are always situations that we cannot control.

Although it is natural to have various doubts, fears can sometimes cause problems in life if we do not deal with them effectively.
Our insecurities often relate to things we feel judged for. If you are self-conscious about your flaws or imperfections in your body or appearance, you may worry about what others may think of you.

If you’ve recently been teased or harassed because of some flaw of yours, it may manifest itself in a dream of kidnapping, in which you feel insecure and vulnerable because of that trait.

Sometimes just realizing something you don’t like about yourself can be a sign that it’s time for you to learn how not to worry about such remarks. All weaknesses can become strengths once you learn to accept your uniqueness and use it to your advantage.

Safety and security

We usually feel safe in our surroundings. However, things can happen that make you lose your sense of security.

You may lose your home, someone may break into your car, or steal your wallet. You may have just received information that someone with a criminal past has moved in close to you. All of this can make you feel less safe.

Realizing that there is no way to fully protect yourself from things beyond your control can be difficult. While there is no one way to truly protect yourself from everything, learning ways to deal with stressful situations can make everyday life easier.

When you are a victim

These types of dreams almost always mean that you are losing control over something in your life, maybe your finances, maybe your reckless behavior. After being attacked, did you manage to escape from your kidnapper?


Kidnapping and torture

If you had a dream about kidnapping and torture it usually shows how much suffering you are experiencing in a situation you cannot control. You may feel such overwhelming pain that it is difficult for you to cope with it.

Often these types of dreams occur after some kind of trauma, such as experiencing an attack or losing a loved one. If you experience a lot of bad dreams after experiencing a traumatic event, it can be helpful to work with a professional to learn how to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Being tortured or hurt by someone can sometimes mean that you don’t feel strong enough to fight for yourself. You may feel helpless or feel that someone else is stronger, bigger, and more powerful than you.

Kidnapping a child

If you dream about kidnapping a child or family member, it may mean that you are worried about that person’s future. You may be worried that you are not doing enough for the child or have plenty of control over what the child is involved in.

Often these dreams can draw your attention to the insecurities associated with being a parent. You may worry that you are not being a good parent, or even feel judged by others. Many mothers often have a dream about kidnapping their daughters, because the pressure to raise and be a good mother is strong and is associated with family traditions.

If you don’t have children of your own, but you dream about someone stealing a child, the child in your dream may be a symbol of some part of you that you are afraid of. Ask yourself: is there a part of me that I want to protect?

Babies are vulnerable and fragile, thus it could be that in this case, the baby is a symbol of your own weaknesses and insecurities.

Sometimes it can mean that you are ignoring your own needs or feel uncomfortable about something new in your life. You may feel insecure and helpless as an infant or small baby.


If you see someone kidnapping a baby or dream that you are a kidnapper stealing a baby, the dream may mean that you desire to own one.

If you have lost a child, you may feel as if your child has been stolen, especially if you have feelings of guilt or regret.

Kidnapping a child by someone you know

In waking life, it often happens that the attacker or kidnapper is someone you know. In a dream, this can mean that you do not trust this person in real life. It may seem that this person has hidden intentions towards you.

Sometimes such dreams can be a symbol of dynamics in your relationship. Is either of you being too pushy, aggressive, or controlling? Do you feel that you are unable to do anything right?

Do you fear that this person may want to hurt you? Does he or she care about your safety, well-being, and happiness?

If you are really worried about your safety in life with the person you dreamed about, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Kidnapping like in a movie

If you dream about the kidnapping of a celebrity, it usually means that you need to take a break from watching TV or reading gossip less.

If your dream reminds you of a movie scene or TV show you’ve seen recently it could mean it’s time to focus on other things that help you feel safe.



When there is a kidnapping, there is usually a ransom demand as well. One of the distinguishing features of this type of message from a kidnapper is the desire to hide the nature of the writing, so often such a letter includes letters cut from newspapers.

When you dream about a ransom note, it can mean that you feel that you are not good at negotiating. This is especially true if you work in a company where you often negotiate.

You may also feel as if someone in your life is trying to bribe you or force you to do something you don’t want to do. It may seem that this person is trying to manipulate you.

Seeing a ransom note in your dream can be very helpful in identifying your fears and insecurities. For example, if you notice that the letters are written in a certain color, you can use color symbolism to better understand what your fears might be.

Sometimes the items demanded as ransom can give you clues about your fears and insecurities. If the kidnapper is after a large sum of money, it may be a sign, according to the Dreambook, that you are unable to earn enough money for your needs.

If you see numbers in your dream, it is worth checking their meaning. For example, if your kidnapper is demanding $4 million, the number 4 may be an indication that your concerns are about stability and security in your home. You may also have subconscious fears about your ability to support your family.

You are a kidnapper

If you dream about being a kidnapper, it could mean that you subconsciously desire more power or want to dominate someone. You may want to control another person’s behavior.

These types of dreams are very common if you feel powerless in a situation. In a sense, the dream is wishful thinking in which you can explore what it would be like to be in control.


Scary dreams are… scary! But just because something is scary doesn’t mean it can’t be useful to us. One of the advantages of these types of strange dreams is that they can give us a chance to better understand ourselves.

If you dream about a kidnapper who kidnaps you and holds you hostage, you might try thinking about what situations in your current life make you feel out of control or trapped. For example, let’s say you go to a job you really don’t like.

Your co-workers are unkind, and your boss constantly makes unrealistic demands. You may hate the job, but you need it. If you take a look at the dream in the context of your real-life situation, it may seem like a hopeless situation where you have very little control over what happens.

While we can’t always make changes to our lives right away, on demand, we can often look for ways to make difficult situations less stressful. In this case, identifying feelings from work as a cause of sleep can help you solve some of your problems.

Are there ways to skillfully deal with co-workers? Can you tell your boss “no”? Would you be able to do other, less stressful jobs that may not offer such financial opportunities, but give you a much better sense of well-being?

It all depends entirely on you. When you explore your dreams it can help you understand your feelings and guide your heart on the path of life,

Mystic Dreambook – the meaning of the dream Kidnapping.

In general, this symbol can herald an imminent marriage for you.

  • If you dream that you have been kidnapped, it means that you need to unwind a little by introducing a little craziness and variety into your life, but you can not overdo it and you need to sense the limit.
  • When you dream that you are taking part in a kidnapping, it is a signal from your subconscious that the jokes that you find hilarious, your environment considers jokes in bad taste, so it would be better if you stop them.
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