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dream furFur often embodies our primitive instincts, desires and desires, maybe admonishes to rein them more. It is a current symbol for the longing for wholesome touch, tenderness and physical nearness, as well as female motherly feelings generally. Their soft need becomes apparent. Perhaps, the dream could also mean: Domestic animal pleasingly? If it is shining and soft, the feeling life and dear life of the dreaming is also felt as pleasant, – however, it is squalid or unkemptly these dissatisfied needs register. Fur clothes illustrate against it validity urge and vanity or conclude by a lacking self-confidence. It is also the bowl which one carries outwardly, the rough cover of a soft core often explains. Fur clothes often express that one does not want to adapt himself conventions, to social compulsions.



  • see or own: watch out for annoyance,
  • depart: you will suffer a big loss,
  • tan and prepare: bad news must refuse, – a heavy stroke of fate soon passes,
  • cut: a part of your property gets lost,
  • admire the nice: Success with frustration.

(European ones).:

  • means a present, – sign for annoyance and failure,
  • see: if brings evil, – announces annoyance, quarrel and failures which one has to ascribe to own behaviour
  • see road swimming: a disagreeable event brings annoyance,
  • dress in coats: brings aversions against the society life,
  • depart from an animal: brings financial success,
  • of a drum: if mostly favorable news and news announces.


  • tan: you will suffer a loss,
  • see: Widerw√§rtigkeiten.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Fur

Fur - dream interpretation and meaning
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