A dream about fish generally signifies positive situations, such as a healthy lifestyle and financial stability. It can be a sign that you will meet people who will become very close to you.

Dreambook fish

A dream about fish expresses the need to delve into yourself, to rest, and to relax mentally. It is an encouragement to pay attention to your emotions, and psyche.


It is also a sign that a sea of opportunities awaits you. However, you need to see them and take advantage of them. Fish in dreams therefore represent human desires and goals.

Swimming fish (fish in the water)

The dream is a sign of liberation. You have managed to get through a difficult situation. Now it will only get better. Dreambook translates the dream as a sign of fortune and health. The dream signifies favorable situations. Your health and financial life will be stable. This is the right time to make new friends or start a relationship.

Fish swimming fast in the water predicts financial improvement.

To swim with fish

A dream that you are swimming with fish is a sign that you are getting to know and accept yourself more and more. You are learning to express your feelings. You can make new friends.

Hook with bait

The meaning of the dream indicates that you may now find your great love. You are attractive and noticed in company. Take advantage of this good moment. Putting bait on a hook in a dream means passionate romance. If you injure yourself with a hook, it may mean that you are jealous.

Fishing net

When you dream that you used fishing nets or saw someone using them it is a sign that your health is in good shape, but you can’t stop taking care of yourself.


If the net is full, the dream symbolizes professional success. It is time to follow your longings and improve yourself. A pierced or torn net is a harbinger of luck and unexpected profits. Empty fishing nets, on the other hand, can herald problems in the family.

Fish in an aquarium

Dreambook claims that you are in control of your feelings, however, you feel trapped, cut off from reality. You need to change your situation. Think about what’s causing you to feel badly, and boldly take the appropriate steps to change it.

Flying fish

If you dream about flying fish it means that you will have difficulties, but with effort and the help of others, they will be easily overcome, thus do not be discouraged. You may need more time or maybe more effort to achieve your goals.

Plenty of fish (shoal).

The dream means that you will overcome all the difficulties that will come your way. You may find friends or co-workers helpful. Trust in others.

To fish

If you see yourself catching fish in your dream, Dreambook predicts good luck for you. If the fish you catch manages to escape, new friendships appear in your life.

The dream may also foretell sudden enrichment.

If the catch is successful, the meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a prediction of an influx of cash and luck in a game. If the catch was unsuccessful, your road to success will take longer than you planned, but do not give up, because you will still achieve what you intended.

To eat fish

Dreambook explains that you live with great emotions. Master them, because excess always harms. Another dream meaning is a symbol of prestige and power.


If you dream about eating fish, it means that you will soon be successful and that something good will happen in your life.

A dream about frying fish or cooking fish means that you will soon be rewarded for your work.

Small fish

A dream about small fish can mean that you will have theoretically small problems, but don’t put them aside, because over time they can become so big that they won’t give you peace of mind.

Large fish

Large fish are a symbol of abundance. Dreambook predicts that you will have a great positive change in your personal and professional life. A dream about a large fish can mean that a great opportunity will arise in your life thus make an effort to make good use of it.

To buy or sell fish

The dream is a sign of family joy. Many positive things will happen in your family. Enjoy with others, celebrate. Take care of good and lasting relationships with your loved ones.

Spoiled fish

The meaning of the dream can be translated as a warning to take care of your health. Don’t give up your scheduled medical appointments. Also, take care of your fitness and immunity, it may also be time to change your diet.

If you touch rotten fish in your dream, the dream foretells increased profits and income.

Dead fish

Dreambook predicts that you may be disappointed with a loved one.


A dream about dead fish also means that you will miss a great opportunity in your life. You probably didn’t know how to take advantage of the opportunities you had, and you will need some time to try to regain what you lost. If you dreamed that you were holding a dead fish in your hand, your efforts may be futile.

Fish colors

Golden fish (goldfish)

To see or catch a goldfish in your dream represents passion and losing yourself in love. The dream also represents prosperity and success in investments. In addition, it means that you will have a life filled with pleasant adventures.

Black fish

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will make plenty of money. Bet on your knowledge and talent! Unexpected income can bring you your hobby. You may also discover something new that you will earn money from.

Blue fish

If the fish in your dream is blue, it means that you are a calm person who always thinks positively and does not get shaken by bad news. This is a good asset. However, be sure not to accumulate negative emotions.

Red fish

If the fish is red in your dream it means that you are an impatient and often aggressive person, you have a lot of negative thoughts. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by them.

A dream about a red fish means that you need to cope better with stress and get optimistic. Try to relax and it will be easier for you to solve problems.

Green fish

If the fish is green it means that you tend to be selfish. Try to be more flexible and think a little more about other people’s assets. Changing your approach to the world will greatly improve your well-being and relationships with others.

Yellow fish

If the fish that appears in your dream is yellow or orange, it means that you are still influenced by past events, and many of the decisions you make today are the result of things that happened before.


A dream about a yellow fish means that you are letting your past interfere with your present, and consequently your future. Do not let the past haunt you.

Dream meaning: fish

  • Swimming fish (fish in the water) – you managed to overcome a difficult situation
  • Swimming with fish – you get to know and accept yourself
  • Hook with bait – you may find a great love
  • Fishing net – your health is in asset condition
  • Fish in an aquarium – you feel disconnected from reality
  • Flying fish – you will overcome difficulties with the help of others
  • Plenty of fish (school) – trust other people
  • To fish – luck will meet you in life
  • To eat fish – master your emotions
  • Small fish – do not underestimate small problems
  • Large fish – a positive change awaits you
  • To buy or sell fish – many positive things will happen in your family
  • Spoiled fish – take care of your health
  • Dead fish – you may be disappointed with a loved one
  • Golden fish (goldfish) – you may lose yourself in love
  • Black fish – you will make plenty of money
  • Blue fish – don’t accumulate negative emotions in yourself
  • Red fish – don’t let negative thoughts overwhelm you
  • Green fish – think a little more about other people’s assets
  • Yellow fish – leave the past behind you

Detailed interpretation of the dream Fish

Dream about fish

Often, to understand what our dreams mean, we need to think carefully about the various feelings and the context of the dream.

Fish are inhabitants of waters all over the world. They have rich symbolism, thus there are many different ways to interpret a dream about fish.

What does it mean to dream about a fish?

Fish can present themselves in a dream in many different ways. You may dream about a large school of tropical fish swimming around a coral reef in the ocean, or a freshwater fish jumping out of a lake. Fish is also a common food, thus it is not unusual to dream about eating fish. You can also have dreams about fishing.

As you can see, different scenarios can affect the meaning of your situation in your personal life! By studying various cultural symbols, and looking at specific details in context, we will be able to better understand what your dream may mean.

Cultural and historical symbol of the fish

The way you think about fish in waking life probably has a lot to do with where you grew up and the role fish play in your life. Maybe you grew up in a family that often fishes? Maybe you have fish in an aquarium in your home?

In addition to our personal feelings and associations with fish, there are many cultural, and symbolic meanings of fish. For example, in Chinese culture, fish is often associated with fortune and wealth. In Christianity, it is a symbol of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, fish is a staple food of people and a symbol of parables.

There are also many fables, folk legends, and fairy tales with fish as the protagonist. Fairy tales, such as “The Goldfish,” use the symbol of the fish to understand the balance between abundance and greed. Fish are also part of the zodiac. The zodiac’s astrological symbol, the Fish, is often depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions but joined together. Fish is a water sign and often deals with many emotions and balance at the same time.


Understanding all of these symbols can help us better understand fish as a dream symbol and its relationship to our lives in waking life.

Questions to help you interpret the meaning of the dream

To fully understand a dream about a fish, it is important to look at various aspects that help us better look at the dream as a whole. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the dream:

  • What kind of fish did I see in the dream?
  • Were there many fish or just one?
  • What was the size of the fish?
  • What kind of people were there in the dream?
  • What other events took place in the dream?
  • What was my overall mood/feelings about the dream?

Answering these questions will help you better understand the meaning of your dream. A better understanding of other symbols present in the dream will give you insight into how it may relate to your life in waking life. When studying dream interpretation, it is always a good idea to take some time to write down what happened in waking life, for example, in a Dream Diary. This will help you begin to make your own associations and find answers to many questions.

Although you are the best interpreter of your dreams, there are many common themes and scenarios in which we see fish in our dreams. Understanding the common themes associated with fish can help you interpret your dream.

Dream symbols related to fish

Here are some common fish dream symbolic meanings

Abundance: we often associate fish with abundance. Think of a large fishing boat catching plenty of fish to feed a crowd of people. Fish can be a symbol of financial security, wealth, and achieving success in pursuit of a goal.

Spiritual connection: We often associate fish with spiritual connection, especially for Christians. Dreaming about a fish can be a way to connect to a higher level of Christ’s consciousness. Depending on the context of the dream, fish dreams can be a call to awaken and enter a higher level of consciousness and spiritual development.

Duality: when we are at a lower vibration of energy, it is easy to get caught up in the duality of the world around us. It often seems that there are opposing forces: good versus evil or darkness versus light. We are often faced with choices that seem completely paradoxical and opposite, but at the same time, everything is interconnected. In dualistic thinking, we see big versus small fish or the top and bottom of the food chain.


Fertility: it is common for women to dream about fish when they are trying to get pregnant or when they are pregnant. Many types of fish lay thousands of eggs, so they are often considered a symbol of fertility.

Change and transformation: Fish are often a symbol of change and transformation in our lives. There is a reason why there are so many legends and fairy tales about people turning into fish to escape oppression. Water is a powerful symbol that can reflect many things, such as emotion, change, abundance, and transformation. Since fish are natural inhabitants of water, they are often associated with the same symbolic meanings.

Flow and movement: fish live in water and can swim with the current. The sight of a fish trying to swim against the current in a dream may indicate that you are not necessarily doing what is by the natural instincts of the soul.

Cleanliness: fish are also often associated with cleanliness. In order to eat fish, you need to clean it properly. Many fish species naturally clean the environment, for example, bottom feeders eat algae, which makes life possible for many species.

Many waters are polluted, thus sometimes fish can pay attention to the environment to reduce pollution.

Fish can sometimes present themselves as a spirit or power animal. In such cases, it is most important to recognize the type of fish. A carp may have a different meaning than a goldfish; a clownfish is certainly different from a trout. If you are interested in a particular species of fish and what it means in a dream, it is best to look at fish in their natural habitat.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of environment is the species’ native habitat?
  • Is the fish peaceful or aggressive?
  • Do the fish represent any of the common themes listed above? {i.e.: fertility, abundance, purity, transformation, flow}.
  • What colors are associated with the fish?

This could be a sign of a corresponding chakra that needs work or another meaning of color symbolism.


Dream meanings of fish

Common fish dreams and their meaning.

By studying common dream scenarios, you can better understand how to interpret your dreams and relate different symbol meanings to aspects of your life in waking life.

Dream about a fish in the water

Clear water means that you feel clarity about the situation in your life. Conversely, if you dream about a fish in murky or muddy water, it may symbolize feelings of uncertainty or being overwhelmed by the current circumstances in your life. For more information about water and what it can mean in your dream, see the article Dreaming about water.

Dreaming about a school of fish

Such a dream signifies abundance and a sense that you fit in with others. If a school of fish swims peacefully it means that you feel satisfied with your life situation. Dreaming about fish jumping out of the water can mean that you are experiencing unexpected events in your life, you may feel that things are happening that surprise you.

It’s important to think about other aspects of the dream, such as your general mood and state, and the type of body of water. Is it a rough sea, or is it a calm lake?

Dreaming about fish in an aquarium

The dream may mean that you feel constrained by current events. You may feel as if you are being judged or trapped in the dream you feel that you are unable to achieve your goals. See what it means to dream about an aquarium for more information on this topic.

Dreaming about large, dangerous fish

If you dream about a shark or whale, it is a fish that is a sign of fear or worry. Sharks are predatory and this can mean that you are losing control of your life.

Dream about a dead fish

If you see a dead fish washed up on the shore, it may mean that you feel disappointment or regret about the events that are taking place in your life. You may feel that some opportunities have been missed or ignored.


Dream about dolphins

Dolphins are mammals that live underwater. Dolphins swimming with fish may be a symbol for you to look for better ways to communicate with others or to use your own spiritual knowledge to better understand the situation in waking life.

Dream about fishing

If you dream about fishing, it may mean that you need fulfillment in your life. You may be worried about your financial situation or thinking about ways to carry out your plans and meet your needs. If you dream about fishing purely for recreation and sports, it may mean that you are looking for ways to relax and reconnect with nature.

Dream about eating fish

If you dream about eating fish, you probably need proper nourishment and care. See the article on the meaning of dreams about food for more information.

Dream about swimming with a fish

If you dream that you are swimming with a fish, or maybe even riding on the back of a fish, it could mean that you are discovering your place in the world, and finding ways to be more aware of your spiritual and emotional needs.

Dream about someone or something turning into a fish

If you dream about someone turning into a fish or an object turning into a fish, this is often a symbol of change and transformation in life. You may be suspicious of these changes or you may feel comfortable and welcome new beginnings. Think carefully about what the mood of the dream was to better understand what it may mean for you and your life.

Fish dream

Fish is among the more interesting dream symbols that appear in our dreams. Most often it is a harbinger of important things in our lives, and in our dreams, it can appear in very different contexts, not always such that we immediately pay attention to this symbol.

However, we should not underestimate it, because it has important and rich symbolism.

Interpreting dreams about a fish

Freud believed that the fish is a symbol signifying male sexuality, while Jung considered fish as symbols of the deepest layers of our self. Thus, if fish appear in our dreams, it may mean that we fear, perhaps only subconsciously, impotence or have problems with too small a libido, which negatively affects our lives.


Equally well, however, the fish in our dream can mean the occurrence of some new phase in our life, a kind of rebirth, a change in our interests or life aspirations. When we dream that we are fishing, it can mean that we want to improve our sexual prowess, we want to win someone over, or we are trying to get to know ourselves better by allowing the deeper parts of our subconscious to speak.

When we dream that we are eating fish, it symbolizes us taking in spiritual nourishment, tapping into the deeper layers of our self, or trying to discover the secrets of our soul. If in a dream we are a fish, it is a sign for us to regain our spiritual youth and improve our well-being.

When we see many fish or fish eggs in a dream, it foreshadows some kind of renewal for us or is a symbol of fertility.

Mystic Dreambook – fish

This symbol signals that in waking life you have high hopes in connection with some matter.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about fish. Remember that one symbol can have several different meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other symbols present in your dream.

  • When you see a fish in your dream, it is a sign that some person will set a trap for you.
  • If you see large fish in your dream, it means that you will earn plenty in the near future.
  • Small fish appearing in your dream foretells that you will have reason to be unhappy.
  • A raw fish foretells for you to make new, valuable, and long-lasting friendships.
  • A golden fish foretells that some of your hopes will come true.
  • A dead fish foreshadows some worry for you.
  • A dried fish foretells that you will soon get caught up in a domestic argument completely unnecessarily.
  • If you dream that you are eating fried fish, it means that you will be disappointed in the person you thought was your friend.
  • When you dream that you are eating raw fish, it heralds for you to gain new acquaintances and friends.
  • When you dream that you caught a huge fish, it foreshadows that you will be able to make a profitable business deal.
  • If you catch small fish, it heralds sadness for you for some reason.
  • When you dream of big fish in clear water, it heralds the best of luck and prosperity for you.
  • If in your dream you see a fish cast ashore, it is a signal from your personality not to let anyone limit you and try your hardest to develop yourself.
  • Sea fish appearing in your dream signals that you have some bad thoughts and bad feelings in your waking life.
  • A fishing rod is a harbinger of a pending gain and a sign from your subconscious that you are rightly getting your hopes up about something.
  • A full fish container appearing in your dream foretells good luck for you in professional matters.
  • A fishmonger heralds gain an advantage for you.
  • A fish market foretells success awaiting you soon.
  • A fish pond heralds trouble and worries for you.
  • A flying fish is a signal from your subconscious to take increased caution in the near future, as you may get into some trouble.
  • When a woman dreams that she is eating fish, it is a sign that her childbirth will go without any complications.
  • When a man dreams that he is eating fish, it foreshadows great success for him with the opposite sex.

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