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dream factoryFactory symbolises energy, activity, diligence, spirit of enterprise and many plans. She stands as a positive dream symbol for activity in the team, collective success and – from psychological view – for the cooperation of the most different personality shares. An ambition dream which gives about the purposeful adaptability of the dreamer’s information. In the negative variation the factory stands for social descent, impoverishment, exploitation and maladjusted work. Such dreams torment a person who feels used and under achievement compulsion – and is so violently tormented by existential fears that he does not dare to defend himself. Now and again one is expressed in the factory also in routine and habits the numb, monotonous life-style which one should anew animate. Factory is also the house in which the unconscious makes the dirty work for us, our mental loading capacity and the opposition strength resulting from it circumscribes against external influence. One should try to remember what was produced in the dream in the factory. From it arise the points of departure from which one could close on the psychic difficulties which the unconscious wanted to have got out of the way. The picture of the people working in the factory stands for communal sense and team spirit, but also for an absence of individuality. If this picture is accompanied in the dream of pleasant or neutral feelings, it means that the dreaming can well adapt himself in his environment. If it is felt, however, as disagreeable or frightening, the dreaming should try to put back his self-centredness in favour of the community a little. If the dreaming feels excessively strongly in the factory pulled, he possibly seeks shelter in the mass because his own personality is underdeveloped.



  • see: a good effortless salary stands in view, – good shops, – mostly luck, – also: the competition will worry you,
  • stand before one: Negotiations will easily lead to the aim,
  • own: Worries, – in future in important negotiations take part at which one must prove extreme talent,
  • in it be occupied: Work will bother you, – humiliation by superiors,
  • see working the way up in it: one should pay attention to tensions in the surroundings.

(European ones).:

  • promises a worthwhile employment or also a quick-going business, rich salary, fortunate circumstances enter, – restlessness and new plans, – also: Signs for an unexpected occurrence, – the greater the activities in her, the more importantly the coming change,
  • see: meant good shops, – something receive without own closing,
  • a closed one: the changes bring worries and losses,
  • own: one will spend a lot of money without having of it a use,
  • work in one: everything is hectic a little bit, but satisfaction rules in the occupation.


  • see: good trend of affairs, you can be without worries.

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