A dream about a friend usually means good news or success in business. Sometimes it draws attention to the fact that you need to accept that you need help and other people are important to you.

The support of good friends is significant for your development. Therefore, you too should help your true friends in every way possible.


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What does a dream about a friend mean?

A dream about a friend signifies a phase of peace, happiness, and harmony in your life. In addition, this dream can also represent your evolution and development as a person or the emergence of new friendships.

Sometimes this dream brings predictions of unforeseen events or difficulties. It can also be a sign that you are behaving childishly or impulsively, or perhaps trying to avoid your obligations and responsibilities.

The manifestation of friendship in a dream is an indication that you will see the fulfillment of your wishes.

Dream Meaning of Friendship

Childhood friend

If in your dream you see a childhood friend Dreambook indicates that with your thoughts you are returning to your past, when you had no obligations, things were simpler and life was not so worrisome. Perhaps you want to get away from your commitments and obligations. Take a good look at your behavior and pay attention to the details of your relationship with this friend. Leave the past behind.

A dream about a childhood friend also means that you have been behaving immaturely or childishly. It’s high time to grow up.


Old friend

A dream about old friends means that you are very anxious about your current life, you feel the pressure of obligations and want to get rid of them. Dreambook warns: that you can not escape from the present, find the best way to solve problems, and seek help and support from others.

The dream about old friends indicates that other people are fond of you, and it is possible to make many new friends.

Best friend

A dream about a best friend indicates many changes in your personal life. Change can make it difficult for you to achieve what you want, but adapting to change brings you closer to your goals. You are moving toward a better future.

A friend from work

The meaning of the dream reveals a desire to grow. You have a strong desire to improve your life, this is something that pushes you towards work and daily dedication. However, don’t let only money be the focus of your attention. Keep a balance.

A friend’s wedding

You need to be more focused on work. It is necessary to pay a little more attention to details. This can change your life. It is important to know how to stand out in a professional environment, and to use all your skills and opportunities that come your way.

Meeting with a friend

The dream indicates new news. You will be able to build something good.

Your life will undergo changes. You have plenty of potential and can get where you want to go.

Meeting a friend in a dream is an indication that you will celebrate your achievements but also signals that you act impulsively and act before you think.


To talk to a friend

If the conversation in your dream was about something kind it is a sign that you are surrounded by people who mean well for you. However, if your feelings are negative, it may be a sign that some unforeseen event will occur or that your plans will not go as expected. Then you will need plenty of patience and resilience to deal with the situation.

Fun with friends

Dreambook indicates financial success. You are well on your way to achieving success in your personal and professional life. You are heading towards something that will be able to change your life. The dream foretells a period of happiness and harmony, whether in love, friendship, or work.

Sex with a friend

A dream that you are having sex with a friend signifies very positive energy that helps you to grow and act. As a result, the chances of success become high.

Pregnant friend

A dream about a pregnant friend is a harbinger of a new friendship. you will soon meet someone who will become very important to you.

In addition, this dream may also represent your spiritual evolution.

To hug a friend

The dream indicates that you feel safe and have the strength to move forward and overcome challenges. Friends will be there to help you when needed.

If you are away from your friends consider whether it is time to get closer to them.

Drunk friend

A dream about a drunk friend indicates a lack of control in your life. Because of this, you hurt some people. You have many doubts about your future and what you can change. You need to focus on the good things. You need to be a little more open-minded. Not everything will be within your reach and not everything can be controlled by you.


To take a picture of a friend

The dream illustrates the fear of failure. Dreambook warns against such an assessment of reality. Mistakes happen and are important if you learn from them. Change your way of thinking.

A friend who is far away

The dream reveals that you will change your lifestyle. This will serve you to increase the quality of your life and actions and help you to grow.

Another dream meaning suggests that you will learn about an old love. Someone with whom you had a relationship in the past may reappear in your life.

A friend asking for help

A dream about a friend asking for help urges you to be humble. You need to be humble to ask for help from people who are close to you. It is necessary to be more open to others because they can lead you to a better life. Dreambook exhorts: Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from a friend. Take advantage of the power of friendship.

Former friend

A dream about a former friend means vigilance. Thus, it is a good time to keep your eyes open to what is happening around you. You will undergo several tests. You will have to be resilient and able to overcome challenges. Not everything will be as you plan.

A dream about a friend from the past also signifies difficulty in friendship, especially if you are not a person who is open to others. It is important to be able to get along with the people who come into your life. Try to pay a little more attention to your relationships with others.

Brave friend

The dream reminds you that it will not always be possible to do everything you want. It is necessary to accept what is happening. Your life may be very good, but unexpected challenges may arise at any time. For this reason, be a little more cautious.

A friend who says nothing

The dream about a friend who didn’t say anything in your dream signals your worries about work. Perhaps you are going through some work-related problems, and have concerns about completing tasks or staying on task. These are natural fears, but they need to be controlled. You have your self-worth and shouldn’t be so afraid of your professional future. Not everything will happen your way, but that doesn’t mean you will fail. Believe a little more in your abilities.


A friend who talks plenty

You should take better care of yourself and not worry so much about other people’s lives. Focus on what you say, communication can turn into a negative thing when it is in excess. Saying plenty can make people distrust you.

Betrayal of a friend

A dream about betraying a friend indicates that you are trying to be flexible to help others. The ability to empathize makes people like and trust you.

A friend does not recognize you

A dream that a friend doesn’t recognize you foretells that you will face a great challenge and to overcome it, you will have to act fast. You can do it, but you need to mobilize.

False friend

A dream about a false friend indicates concerns about false friendships. Maybe you carry a feeling of insecurity, and distrust in other people, maybe you have a feeling that they envy your success.
Find out if you are right. It’s not good to have false friends around, but it’s just as bad to lose good friends through false suspicions.

Fighting with a friend

The meaning of the dream reveals changes in your love life. Love will change a lot, there will be a chance to enter a whole new world. You will have access to different sensations and will be able to experience things you never imagined. There will be a chance to build a stable relationship. Enjoy it.

The dream may suggest that there are a lot of things to clarify between you and you need to do it as fast as possible. It can also be a sign that a friend will soon have good news.

Argument with a friend

The dream signifies greed. There is someone close to you who would do anything to get rich fast. He will gladly do it at your expense. Consider whether you have such a person near you.

A friend you don’t talk to

A friend with whom you have a quarrel
When you dream about a friend with whom you have not spoken for a long time, the meaning of the dream suggests that it may be the right time to establish a relationship with him again.


If you have only lost contact with your friend, the dream represents your desire to escape from responsibility. Think for yourself, as this can cause serious problems.

Crying friend

A dream about a crying friend means that you miss your family. You may not always be around people who are important to you, and you don’t quite know how to react to certain situations. Dreambook advises: don’t be afraid of feelings of longing and take every opportunity to meet with loved ones.

Sad friend

A dream about a sad friend is a prediction of learning new stories from your family. It will make you take a look at some relatives from a slightly different perspective. You probably don’t know everything that happened in the past in your family. Each person has a story.

Sick friend

A dream about a sick friend reveals concern for your own health. Get away from bad habits. Look for balance. Take care of your rest.

The dream also means worrying about past mistakes. You once made a mistake and feel guilty. No one is perfect, but the best solution is an apology. Do not delay them.

Wounded friend

A dream about a wounded friend signals a desire to grow and improve, especially in the professional sphere. If you are patient and composed, you will be able to gradually reach your goals.

Dying friend

A dream that your best friend is dying means that you are noticing some changes in your friend’s behavior or traits. You are concerned that your friendship may be nearing its end. Try to get closer to your friend and revive your relationship.

Death of a friend

The dream shows that you should soon receive unexpected news that can change the course of your life and business. Pay special attention to everything you do.


A friend who is dead

A dream about a friend who has already died is a warning that you should take seriously. Perhaps something is escaping your attention. Think about who you should give more time and attention to.

If you saw or talked to a dead friend in your dream, review the plans that have been abandoned.

Several friends

The dream reflects the need to take care of your money. Do not risk new investments, be more prudent, and do not exceed the necessary expenses.

What does it mean to dream of a friend?

Dream about a friend – summary

  • Childhood friend – it’s high time to grow up
  • Old friend – look for a solution to your problems
  • Best friend – many changes in your life are coming
  • Friend from work – you want to develop yourself
  • Friend’s wedding – pay more attention to details
  • Meeting with a friend – expect new news
  • To talk to a friend – you are surrounded by people who want assets for you
  • Fun with a friend – you are on the right track to success
  • Sex with a friend – you are approaching success
  • Friend, pregnant friend – you become friends with someone
  • Hug a friend – you feel safe because your friends will support you
  • Drunk friend – lack of control in your life
  • Picture of a friend (take a picture of a friend) – you are afraid of failure
  • A friend who is far away – you will change your lifestyle
  • A friend asks for help – don’t be ashamed to ask for help from a friend
  • Former friend – not everything will be as you plan
  • Brave friend – unexpected challenges may arise
  • A friend who says nothing – believe a little more in your abilities
  • A friend who talks plenty – take care of yourself
  • Betrayal of a friend – you try to be flexible to help others
  • A friend does not recognize you – you will face a big challenge
  • False friend – you are distrustful and suspicious
  • Fighting with a friend – love will change a lot in your life
  • Argument with a friend – someone wants to get rich at your expense
  • A friend you don’t talk to (with whom you have a quarrel) – you want to escape responsibility
  • Crying friend – you miss your family
  • Sad friend – you will learn unknown stories of your family
  • Sick friend – you are worried about past mistakes
  • Wounded friend – you want to develop and improve yourself
  • Dying friend – you fear the end of your friendship
  • Death of a friend – unexpected news will come
  • A friend who is dead – review plans that have been abandoned
  • Several friends – save money

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