dream fever


dream feverFever stands partly for the consuming desires and passions which one does not hold enough under control and which cause, therefore, damage. Sometimes it also points to an illness or chronic exhaustion (‘internally burnt-out’), an investigation can be indicated with suspicion.



  • have: Unstableness in the love, – also: You are afraid of the coming. But you will overcome it successfully.
  • have the intolerable: one should escape from an unbecoming respect,
  • perceive with others: your inclination attracts no attention.


  • in the dream from fever to suffer the dreaming person lets know that her timidity is exaggerated and curtails her enjoyment of life.
  • fever with another person informs of the beginning of important developments which can turn, according to action manner of the dreaming, to the good or to the bad person. Anyway the sign wants to ask to pay attention better in language of the things and not to push many of his thoughts and feelings so aside.

(European ones).:

  • warning dream, – often easy disturbances of the circulation, – also: the awaking vitality which one should use for himself positively,
  • have: points to ambitious wishes and peculiarities, perhaps on unstableness in love and friendship, – also: worry because of trivia, while the life in vorbeirauscht,
  • suffers members of the family from fever: passing illnesses of members are to be expected,
  • see a fever sick person: one will be left by a friend.


  • have: you will be also contented without big wealth.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Fever

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