Water in dreams represents our emotional side. The flood is a symbol of a new beginning, and therefore a balm to heal some wounds from the past, it indicates a major turn in your life. It’s a wave that needs to be passed to start a new cycle.

Dreambook Flood

What does it mean when you dream of a flood? A dream about a flood usually indicates negative energy around you. The general meaning of the dream may suggest that you are trapped or limited by obstacles or difficulties. In addition, the dream indicates significant changes in the way you act and think.


The flood signifies losses and out-of-control situations, as well as worry, anxiety, fear, and the feeling of being dominated by bad things. Dreambook, however, hints at how to deal with such situations.

Dream Meaning of Flood

To see a flood

The dream that you see a flood means that you will witness a great change in the behavior of someone you know, for whom you have great appreciation. If you feel it in any negative way, try to stay calm.

Excessive water flow is associated with overwhelming emotions about a situation. Try to control them.

Dirty water during a flood

The dream is a sign of irritation. Dreambook states that it will ultimately depend on how the problem will be solved. Try to maintain balance and do not let the anger and emotions of the moment dominate you.

The meaning of the dream also has to do with emotions. You may be recovering from an event. Even if you know that an emotional release must occur, you feel bad at the moment.

Dirty water in a dream can be an omen of danger, thus don’t take any risks.


If there were fecal matter floating in the flood water, the dream is an expression of your emotions, as well as the fact that you want to get rid of the problems you experience in waking life.

The meaning of the dream refers to some recent suffering or a situation in which you feel powerless because there is nothing you can do. It could be the loss of a loved one, the end of a marriage, or the loss of a job. You are immersed in deep sorrow, it is a very difficult time in your life.

Clear water during a flood

If you dreamed about a flood and crystal clear water, it means that you will have to delay your plans. There may be some obstacles in your way, thus you need to overcome them first. You will have to be patient, as this is the only way to achieve your goals.

If the flood water in your dream is clear and blue, it means that all your problems are going away, and you will have a lot of success. You will get out of a difficult situation and be rewarded for your efforts.

Flood in the city

The dream is a sign of helplessness. You feel insecure for some reason. If you need emotional support, seek it from a trusted person or a specialist.

A dream about flooding in the city that blocks your way while driving or walking indicates emotional problems. You will have to have patience to achieve your goals.

Such a dream also indicates that you are not able to adapt fast to the changing circumstances that occur in your life. In addition, this dream indicates a period of stagnation, until you learn to adapt to change, things will not move forward.

Flood on the road (flooded road)

If you notice a flood destroying roads in your dream, the dream usually indicates someone’s misfortune. It can be a warning of some negative events, such as problems with work, relationships, etc.


Flood and car

If you saw in your dream a car destroyed by a flood, the meaning of the dream may indicate problems in your family. This dream is a sign of conflict and tension.

It also indicates that you may be dominated by strong emotions. This means that you need to gain control in certain situations, instead of letting your impulses guide you when making important decisions.

House flood

A dream about a house flooding is a sign of oppression. If in a dream a flood inundates your home, Dreambook explains that your feelings are being suppressed causing you to shut down and distance yourself from people. Look for someone you trust to open up and talk to, and it will give you mental and emotional relief.

The dream also signals problems in the family. Family relations may deteriorate, but you need to keep your peace of mind so as not to aggravate the situation.

A dream about a flood in someone’s house means that there will be rumors about you. Someone may say something bad about you, which can damage your reputation. You should be more careful.

Flood at work

You feel trapped, overwhelmed, and restricted. It is important to think about everything that is going on around you and understand if there are situations or feelings that you are suppressing for some reason and start fighting to get rid of them.

Flood after rain

The meaning of the dream indicates that you are winning in life despite adversity.

A dream about a flood associated with wind and rain is a symbol of your financial life, so you should save money.


If the causes of the flood are related to excessive rainfall in the dream, it is a prediction of a new beginning. This dream also indicates that you need to be better prepared for the future.

Flood and river (river spilling).

A dream about a river spilling symbolizes that you are trying to continue your business despite serious obstacles. However, you need to think about what is better for you, whether resisting and continuing your business or taking a break and changing your plans as fast as possible.

If in your dream you are in the middle of a flood and it ends badly for you, you need to change your plans and give all your attention to solving the problem, you need to deal with the situation before it gets worse. Demand respect and let yourself be deceived.

Flood by the sea

You are a brave person who doesn’t mind change, you are always trying new things. You probably feel that your life is too calm, you are tired of routine. Dreambook assures you that this will soon change.

Mud flood

Mud in dreams is a symbol of uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, resentment, frustration, and disappointment. Thus, the dream means that there will be negative changes in your life, and you will feel uncomfortable. It foretells unpleasant and unclear life situations that may cause suffering. Talk to people and do not lose patience.

Flood wave

The dream symbolizes something that is out of control, it may indicate that big emotions are concentrated in your relationship.

It often indicates that you feel like you are swimming against the current. Try to keep everything under control.

Sudden flood

The dream means that you will soon experience something new in your life. Dreambook explains that you will be able to escape from all problems. Pay attention to what is around you, including your feelings and emotions.


To escape from a flood

The dream indicates that you will be able to overcome a great difficulty in your life.

If you dream that you are trying to escape a flood, the dream indicates changes in your personal or professional life. You will be able to discover new skills, and this will make you happy.

If you successfully escaped the flood in your dream and went to a place that was later devastated, the dream reflects some kind of repentance or resentment over some past situation. You may have wronged or offended someone you love. In such a case, you should think about your mistakes and try to correct them so that they do not haunt you in the future.

Dreambook assures that you will overcome a big problem. Therefore, it is necessary to have perseverance and patience to be able to fulfill your dreams. It is also a sign that you are on the right path.

To help people in a flood

This dream is a reminder to help other people in need. Your subconscious warns you to open your arms, be kind, and help people overcome adversity.

Dreambook warns you not to pretend to help, but to offer real support.
In addition, this dream reveals that you are confident in overcoming adversity.

Taming (stopping) the flood

The dream means that you are in a good stage of your life, and your good deeds done in the past to other people are now coming back in the form of benefits. You will encounter many assets.

If the flood was minor the dream indicates that you avoided the problem. Dreambook advises: be more careful next time.


To be drowning in a flood

If you had a dream that you were drowning in a flood, it means that your financial situation will soon improve significantly. This dream also means that you will solve all your problems in the near future.

If you see other people drowning in a flood, it means that you are not prepared for the changes that will take place in your life, thus, even if it is difficult, try to adapt to the new changes and take advantage of the opportunities that arise from new situations.

Snatched by a flood

A dream that you have been kidnapped by a flood is a warning that someone you trust may try to take advantage of you in some negative way. Follow your intuition and don’t get carried away by false words.

Dreams about water are related to your relationships and emotions, that is, how you feel at the moment. A dream that you have been swept away by a flood indicates that you are going through an emotional crisis and want to escape from this feeling.

Rushing water, out of control is a representation of a crisis. It is associated with a sudden change, so a whirlpool of waters can reflect a difficult situation and how you feel.

Dreambook advises: avoid holding negative emotions and trying to make the best of the changes that are passing.

Another dream meaning suggests that someone is trying to take advantage of your feelings. Watch out for people who are part of your life.

Rescued from a flood

When you dream about being rescued from a flood, it means that you will be rewarded for your work and efforts. The dream meaning also refers to your choices that will affect your life in the future, such as going to college, getting a job, getting married, etc. The dream shows that you have made the right decision and that you are following a path that will bear good fruit.


Death in a flood (drowning in a flood)

In a dream, death by drowning means rebirth and renewal. Dreambook explains that you have survived hard times and are now starting something new. Death symbolizes the end of something bad and the beginning of a new phase of life, full of new opportunities and positive changes. Usually, this dream is a sign of hope and a new beginning of something great.

The dream also reminds you that there is always a second chance. You should stop feeling abandoned, and start working hard to achieve your goals despite the difficulties. The dream is also a warning sign for you to try to solve problems at the right time before things get out of hand.

Summary of the meaning of the dream about a flood

  • To see a flood – you will witness a great change in the behavior of someone you know
  • Dirty water during a flood – try to maintain balance
  • Clear water during a flood – your problems are a thing of the past
  • Flood in the city – you need emotional support, learn to adapt to change
  • Flood on the road (flooded road) – watch out for problems that are on the horizon
  • Flood and car – conflicts and tensions can cause you to lose control of yourself
  • Flooding at home – you are moving away from people, talk to someone you trust
  • Flood at work – you feel overwhelmed and restricted
  • Flood after rain – try to save money
  • Flood and river (river flooding) – consider changing your plans
  • Flood by the sea – you are tired of routine, want change
  • Mud flood – talk to people and be patient
  • Flood wave – you feel as if you are swimming against the current
  • Sudden flood – you are about to experience something new
  • To escape from a flood – you will overcome a big problem
  • To help people in flood – help other people in need
  • Taming (stopping) a flood – you have avoided a problem
  • To be drowning in a flood – your financial situation will improve significantly
  • Snatched by a flood – follow your intuition
  • Rescued from a flood – you made the right decision
  • Death in a flood (drown in a flood) – you start something from scratch, and you received a second chance from fate

Dreambook mystic – meaning of the symbol Flood

What does a dream about a flood mean?

This symbol can signal that in waking life you have some feelings or needs that can significantly harm you if you decide to do them.

  • If you see a flood approaching in your dream, it is a sign that you feel a great emptiness in your heart and are unable to do anything about it, no matter how hard you try to drown out the feeling inside you.
  • When you watch clean water flow into a room during a flood, it’s a sign that you’re about to be visited by an important person or have some significant benefit.
  • If you see dirty, murky water flowing into the room, it means that you are about to experience some kind of brawl or misfortune.
  • When you see or experience a flood, it is a prediction of a visit that will be paid to you by a person who is a nuisance to you or it means that you will have to deal with an undesirable person.
  • When you dream that you are drowning in a flood, it is a signal from your subconscious that you have to reckon with the fact that your situation can change dramatically due to a complete coincidence.
  • If in a dream you lost your life’s possessions in a flood, it is a signal from your subconscious to start appreciating what you have and be happy about it.

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