Attorney dream meaning


The attorney symbolizes the fear of revealing your feelings as well as the fact that we are too closed in on ourselves. The subconscious communicates to us that it would be better for us to become a protector for ourselves, speak out on our own behalf, overcome fear.

Attorney Dream Meaning

An attorney in a dream is associated with a kind and helpful person who can give us valuable guidance and advice in life. His presence is often accompanied in difficult situations that require greater commitment. Sometimes his presence in a dream may be a sign of a misunderstanding with the environment.


An attorney in a dream may mean that you are rejecting certain feelings and desires. Try to take a closer look at your life and think about whether you are doing something against your will? This symbol usually appears in difficult phases of life and expresses the hope for help. It can also indicate the need for justice, especially social justice, and propose an appropriate solution to problems to come.

It can also mean that you are worried about the prospects opening up for you. In some situations it is also a signal to be primarily concerned about your plans and avoid any speculation on the stock market. An attorney appearing in a dream means that you can do something against your will. It may be a subconscious action.

Attorney – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Attorney dream dictionary
Attorney – Dream Symbol Interpretation

You need to take a closer look at your life and consider whether you are rejecting some of your desires. An advocate always symbolizes difficult matters, the solution of which we are often unable to deal with at all, this is how our subconscious suggests that we hire a professional to solve our troublesome problem. To be with an attorney means a high position in the future.

Listening to his advice is a symbol of unfinished and unsuccessful business. Arguing with him in front of others means settling long-delayed and complicated matters that burdened us heavily. Seeing him in court is a warning against opponents who are ambushing you. On the other hand, in your defense, it is a harbinger of worries and troubles caused by the fault of your loved ones.

However, after all, these are official matters and, generally speaking, officials always foreshadow more or less trouble, you need to analyze your life so as not to be surprised by them. By the way, compensation for damages or selfless help to others will allow you to sleep more peacefully. The importance of sleep attorney

Attorney dream symbol

What Does It Mean to Dream About Attorney?

Quarrel with a lawyer

is a good sign, the matters that bother you will be in your favor, you will get a distinction or win a competition, deal with often complicated matters.


To be an attorney

someone will offer you help if you just ask for it, so put aside your pride, possible relocation or travel abroad.

See a lawyer in court

warning against enemies who are trying to lose you, you will have to make a difficult decision, no prospect of improvement.

Hire a lawyer

it is the announcement of a positive outcome of matters important to us, which bring us many worries, someone will repair the harm done to you.

The lawyer is your defender

worries and troubles caused by friends, foreshadowing worries and troubles caused by your closest friends.

Talk to an attorney

after many hardships in life you will recover financially, a large injection of cash preceded by a hard period.

See a lawyer from a distance

portends a conflict with the law, promises you a subpoena, or bad news, bad news.

Listen to the lawyer

problems and failures in business, a symbol of dangerous and rather unsuccessful interests.

Take the case to the attorney

means that you must repair the harm done in order to get out of the charges against you.


A lawyer in a woman’s dream

subconscious longing for a strong man who could become her support.

To be with an attorney

you will take up a high office in the future, means a social promotion in the future.

Be in a relationship with an attorney

means working together that will pay off in the long run.

Deal with an attorney

there will be hard times, possible trials, worries and losses.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Attorney

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