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If you dream that you are wearing an apron, it is a warning to you from your subconscious that you should not work so much, because it is not only bad for your health and contacts with other people, but you may also be at risk of workaholism.

Apron : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If you wear a dirty apron, it is a sign that you are not satisfied with your current job, because you cannot develop in it in any way and you should look for something more suitable for you.


Patching the apron is a harbinger of some important information that will soon reach you.

When a man’s work apron appears in a man’s dream, it is a sign for him that in the near future he will face a greater than usual amount of duties, and when this symbol appears in a woman’s dream, it is a preview of her problems with men.

Apron : Dream Meaning

A woman’s home apron in a man’s dream may portend a bad situation at home and quarrels with his immediate family, and in a woman’s dream – a greater than usual amount of activities that she will have to cope with.

When a decorative female apron appears in a man’s dream, it is a signal to him that he likes the company of women too much, and soon he will find out that it is not good for him, and in a dream the woman is portending a surprise or a visit from a loved one.

The school apron is a signal that you will soon get a lesson from life.

The theme of washing the apron is a signal from your subconscious mind that you are overly focused on striving for perfection and thus do not perceive the pleasure of life.


If you dream that you are wearing an apron, it may be a sign that someone has a secret affection for you – if you look around carefully, you may find out who it is.


What does it mean when you dream about Apron

The unfortunate consequences of someone’s actions must be kept secret.

  • to wear an apron: do not overwork yourself, you are in danger of workaholism
  • wear dirty: you should think about changing jobs, because in your current position you have stopped growing
  • patch apron: you will receive important messages
  • to see a man’s working apron: in a dream of men – a lot of work; in a dream of women – a lot of trouble because of a man
  • to see a woman’s farm apron: in a man’s dream – trouble at home; in a woman’s dream – a lot of activities
  • a woman’s decorative apron: the dreaming man is a plaything and will “fall”; The woman dreaming this dream may expect a gift or a pleasant visit
  • student coat: a lesson in life
  • to wash the apron: sometimes you are too perfect and petty, which prevents you from enjoying life to the full
  • dress someone in an apron: someone secretly has a crush on you.

Apron is understood often as a trouble, plague and other incommodities in the domestic area. A nice apron can also warn about apron hunting. The apron in the dream can be a symbol for informal connections. Or: Has one to do ‘dirty things’?

Apron dream dictionary
Apron – Dream Symbol Interpretation


The apron which we carry in the dream means in the awake life laborious work which we must do, however, absolutely. Seeing men in the dream a pretty woman who carries an apron can betray them as an apron hunting, however, maybe they also hang too much on the apron ribbon. If it is carried by the dreaming, this can point to a need for skill. If another dream figure carries the apron, the personality portion of the dreaming who is shown by this person must be maybe protected in special measure.


At the spiritual level the apron in the dream is a sign of the mastery in craft, but also in spiritual things.



  • see or agree: a present receive,
  • as a man carry a women’s apron: one looks after things which are not measured, – also: one should be less behind the femininity,
  • for woman: To turn reminder, the domestic duties more care and to remain in her form,
  • put on: you will order your matters, – also: one should watch out to be used by somebody,
  • bind up: quizzical dear play,
  • torn ones: your mess is reproachable,
  • tear: Annoyance and quarrel in the house,
  • mend: your thrift yields to you profit,
  • find: good position receive, – you reach what you to you expects has,
  • lose: you handle with your possession too frivolously, – also: your love does not stop long,
  • look: you have longing for own home,
  • stain: you are unadvised and have losses,
  • wash: your cleanliness and friendliness will make you popular, – also: you want to undo an action.

(European ones).:

  • on coming up incommodities must be covered secretly and laboriously,
  • see working apron of a man: means in the man’s dream: one will get to act a lot, – in the women’s dream: one will have with a man a lot of plague,
  • see working apron of a woman: if uncomfortableness means in the man’s dream at home, – also: one looks permanently after things which begin nothing, – moreover, one runs to every rock behind here, – in the women’s dream: if a lot of trouble and work means by domestic duties or by own man,
  • see ornamental apron of a woman: he this dreaming man is an apron hunter and, besides, will fall, – it this dreaming woman will receive a present or a pleasant visit,
  • carry a nice one: you will get a nice present,
  • give away: if interesting acquaintance brings in house,
  • tear one: means a small advantage, because this garment is not too important,
  • to A school girl whose apron is lost or is torn bad lessons and talks from authorities through decency approach.
  • of an apron to dream points for a young woman to a zigzag course.


  • see or put on: you will receive interesting visit,
  • clarifies: a present,
  • wash: one wants to control you,
  • mend: you must be sparing,
  • lose: you will experience a deception,
  • with bib: you will fall in love.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Apron

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