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Assist – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Help – someone noticed your problems and will give you support, but also you do not turn your back on others in need, because everything you do will come back to you. A weak person pressed against a wall loses hope and gives up. A man strong in spirit, even in the most dramatic situation, standing in front of the proverbial wall, has hope in his heart, which, even though awake life is not visible on the horizon, will appear in dreams as a last minute rescue. What has already surrendered has already suffered fate, the one who fights to the end can count on the help of providence. Every person, even if he does not admit it, would like to change some aspects of his life, but only a few know how to do it and do it, seeking help may symbolize the need to deal with a difficult issue for us, where we seek support in advance. Giving, rushing someone to help someone is a symbol of our openness to others, and a great desire to bring light where it is needed the most….

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Assist

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