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  • see: is on the alert, you get with a wrong person to act, – also: lose in the love not the mind,
  • are bitten by one: from a friend painful insults get to know, – also: Warning of deception or before it, onto things with to be dragged which will have very unfavorable results for one.

(European ones).:

  • indicates at secret and irreconcilable enemies, pitiless believers or disgusting society,
  • see: the luck of the love or marriage is, act mixed wrong, in danger,
  • are bitten by adders: if damage registers by putative good friends, – warning before an unhappy connection, – one should step aside any quarrel and cannot be dragged in the matters more different,
  • kill: one will triumph about his enemies,
  • women could lose the respect for the authority, and mortal enemies work on defaming you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Adder

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