While erotic dreams are the domain of men, dreams involving feelings (especially feelings of falling in love) happen most often to women. If they are dreamt by single women, they may be a displacement of the perceived loneliness, which is becoming more and more oppressive and unbearable by the day. It is a sign of the need for love and the desire to find your other half.

Examples of the meaning of dreams about falling in love


If, on the other hand, they happen to women who already have a partner, they may be a symptom of frustration resulting from dissatisfaction with the relationship, or they may be a sign of a desire to change the partner or change the style of the relationship so far. This is especially true of dreams in which a woman sees the personification of her ideal man and falls in love with him, and upon awakening feels a sense of guilt.

For a man, falling in love with a beautiful stranger speaks of a desire for romantic adventures. For a woman, falling in love with a man has a more serious meaning – subconsciously such a person desires a serious relationship.

For women there are still additional interpretations of this dream:

Falling in love with a guy, can be a sign of approaching a pleasant and useful acquaintance;
You will be interested in an exciting and profitable company;
Unexpected joy will appear;
You fell in love with a man with an unpleasant appearance – you are increasingly annoyed by an annoying person.

Why should you pay attention to dreams about love?

Dreams about love are so noteworthy because their interpretation especially happens on an emotional background. Such dreams herald happiness and are a favorable sign for the dreaming person.


Falling in love with a stranger, the online Dreambook explains it by desires in the fulfillment of the innermost desires. At the same time, it removes any consequences of these desires.

If a stranger appeared out of nowhere in your bed and you immediately fall in love with him, you are subconsciously dreaming of a similar scenario. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to think of ways in improving the quality of your life, because it can be a sign of extreme dissatisfaction.

Falling in love with a friend or female friend in a dream, suggests that you may want to pay more attention to your loved ones and be more interested in their lives.

Amorous dream dictionary

Amorous – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If you are in the dream in an amorous arrangement, this is a sign that you incline to become the victim of a scandal.

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