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One understands asters as a symbol of the dignity, they can promise more respect and honour. This flower is brought with pleasure to the dead people to the grave. They are afraid (unconsciously) around your health or those of friends. Maybe you have perceived sign of disturbances, without it became clear to them. Are in this respect a little more carefully in the next time. Traditionally whiteness or black asters are understood as an announcement by illnesses and deaths, one picks coloured ones for late love, because they are the flowers of the autumn, the life autumn. Wilted asters stand often for hopes which one must bury.



  • blossoming ones see: good success has, – (24, 22)
  • colourfully coloured ones receive: indicate at Highness and dignity,
  • white ones see: one will hear from a death in his environment,
  • wilted: unhappy experiences,
  • pick: heavy illness with likely death.

(European ones).:

  • wilted: Miss from hopes,
  • see: to dignity and respect come,
  • white ones: one will hear in the next time from a death in the closer surroundings,
  • black in full blossom: forthcoming illness of a person from closer surroundings,
  • coloured asters see: one can count successfully or joys,
  • red asters: mean dear luck,
  • blue asters: if ├╝berlegene mental power and clear decisions register,
  • a strong Yellow: indicates at a lot of intuition which will allow the right decision,
  • to one

  • a bright Yellow: if betrayal, disappointments or even intrigues and envy registers.


  • in the blossoming state: you can hope for high honour, dignity, Highness, respect, and soon you will have arrived at the height of your existence,
  • withers: all your tendons and national costumes were prevented by your carelessness,
  • wilts: your hopes are deceived.

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