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Assembly – indicates that your case will be reviewed by a wider group of people, it is a sign that in real life you should apply yourself to matters that are important to you so as not to leave with a ticket and then not regret your neglect …

Assembly Dream Meaning

If a man dreams of a assembly of beautiful and young women, it is a sign that he should be looking for a wife.


Dreams in which we see ourselves attending meetings and meetings should be interpreted according to our sleep behavior. If we are active and passionate, it means that in real life our leadership spirit makes us always want more and not stop at what we already have. If, on the other hand, we do not express our opinions or do not actively participate in the assembly at all, it is a sign that in real life we ​​are following the beliefs of others, which can be considered mediocrity and laziness. If we stand at the center of the congregation, it is a sign of false testimony against us and of defamation.

Assembly dream dictionary
Assembly – Dream Symbol Interpretation

This dream also foreshadows complex situations in relationships with people around us, regardless of whether they are colleagues or neighbors. If we dream of watching a meeting in which we are not attending, it means that we will receive useful advice from experienced people, which will be of great help in our professional life.

A dream that we are calling a assembly is a sign that we should share our joys and sorrows with our loved ones.

The dream symbol assembly would like to point out almost always to the fact that something new should be built up. It says that now the time is ripe for it. Often it concerns with this vision the use more existently of concrete possibilities and abilities.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Assembly

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