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Acacia generally means success in the financial sphere, but stagnation in the sphere of feelings.

Dream meaning acacia

Flowering acacia augurs disappointment.


Flowers of acacia in winter mean the rapid fulfillment of dreams.

When in a dream, you smell acacia, it foretells that you will break your moral principles, act dishonestly.

If you see acacia flowers in your dream, a successful business awaits you.

If in a dream you pluck acacia leaves, be careful with your health, you may have problems with the digestive system.

If in a dream you are standing under an acacia, expect good news.

If in a dream acacias bloom beautifully, unexpected happiness awaits you, love elation or a successful case.


If in a dream you walk under acacias, you are waiting for great changes, do not be afraid to take risks.

Meaning of the dream ACACATION in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook Acacia

When you see acacias in your dream, it foretells a big profit.

If you smell acacias in your dream, you will act selfishly and disorderly.

When you hear the noise of acacias in your dream, you will win the lottery.

When you see acacia flowers or leaves in your dream, be careful, because it foretells faithfulness and dishonesty.

Dream about Acacia

A dream about one or more acacias is a sign of the existence of pure love and loyal affection.

The energy of the acacia is warm and strengthening alleviates negative influences.


An acacia bush appearing in a dream can mean financial changes, success or unfulfillment in love.

However, when an acacia loses its flowers or leaves during a dream, it is often a symbol of bad news, unpleasant situations and worries that are coming.

The sight of an acacia signifies great success in financial matters, but in matters of affection it can mean stagnation. If an acacia appears in a dream it usually heralds happiness and the fulfillment of dreams.

If we dreamt of a thorny acacia, then it can be a sign of a cold character and suppression of inner feelings. It perfectly eliminates stress and tension.

The subtle energy of acacia has a strengthening effect on our body, fills us with strength and energy, a desire to act, to take on new challenges already, now and not tomorrow, so contact with it is irreplaceable.

The appearance of acacia with its beauty highlighted is a sign of success. It’s better when wins come unexpectedly, and we are prepared for losses. Its presence in dreams usually foreshadows the end of one period and the beginning of another, although some experts say it symbolizes a reunion with a loved one.

Acacia represented immortality in Egyptian culture. According to tradition, the acacia is a tree of fertility and abundance; women and couples wishing to have children should spend time in the shade of the acacia.

A blooming acacia tree is generally a harbinger of success, joy and general prosperity.


The danger for you is dishonesty, lying, faithfulness and seeking only great profits this never and no one benefits you in the long run. If you sit under or contemplate an acacia, it is usually a sign of platonic love.

Acacia is a harbinger of unexpected profit, multiplication of your wealth, sudden inheritance that will come at the most needed moment of your life.

In our dreams, to sit with a loved one under an acacia symbolizes the entrance of your relationship to another higher level, very often this is due to the coming time in your life to raise offspring. Much depends on how it was depicted in the dream.

Meaning of the dream acacia

Smell the scent of acacia

this dream reminds you not to break your resolutions, if everything is to be in order, betrayal, you are dishonest, you will break your moral principles, you will commit treason, your intentions have a selfish basis.

Flowering acacia

good luck, prosperity, successful conclusion of affairs, unexpected good fortune, amorous elation or a successful affair, a chance for fulfillment, stand in a situation of making an important choice.

Acacia flowers

foreshadowing of a successful business, large influx of cash, successful business, good luck in love and finances, there is great potential in you, so use it, large intended profit.

Acacia leaves

signifies trouble with the digestive system, possible poisoning, digestive problems, indicates faithfulness and dishonesty.

Acacia flowering in winter

is a sign that your dreams will soon come true, which will fill you and your loved ones with great joy.


To go under an acacia

time for change, a sign that you can take risks, huge changes are ahead of you, don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Hear the noise of the acacia

announcement of winning the game or lottery, expect to win the game.

Stand next to an acacia tree

you will soon receive good news, expect good news.

Acacia with thorns

cold character, unrequited affection.

Acacia dream dictionary

Acacia – Dream Symbol Interpretation

An acacia in the dream is a symbol of hope and the new beginning. In the mythology of the Freemasons an acacia – a symbol grows, for example, on the grave of her first, murdered Grand Master Hiram Abiff for the fact that the ideas of the master will live on and his work be continued.



  • Standing in the dream an acacia in blossom, so this forecasts that old hopes and passions will come to happy fulfilment. They may be glad about a very nice phase of your life.
  • taking you, however, only the flower smell true, so your wishes remain for the time being unfulfilled.
  • A wilted acacia points out to the fact that an old longing must be buried as unattainable.

(European ones).:

  • stroll under it: The fulfilment of long preserved hope with which to you a lot has lain,
  • acacia blossom: Disappointment,
  • see blossoming in winter: Signs of tender hopes which will come to fulfilment,
  • they pick: good friends will deceive us.

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