Acacia dream dictionary


Acacia dream dictionary

Acacia – Dream Symbol Interpretation

An acacia in the dream is a symbol of hope and the new beginning. In the mythology of the Freemasons an acacia – a symbol grows, for example, on the grave of her first, murdered Grand Master Hiram Abiff for the fact that the ideas of the master will live on and his work be continued.



  • Standing in the dream an acacia in blossom, so this forecasts that old hopes and passions will come to happy fulfilment. They may be glad about a very nice phase of your life.
  • taking you, however, only the flower smell true, so your wishes remain for the time being unfulfilled.
  • A wilted acacia points out to the fact that an old longing must be buried as unattainable.

(European ones).:

  • stroll under it: The fulfilment of long preserved hope with which to you a lot has lain,
  • acacia blossom: Disappointment,
  • see blossoming in winter: Signs of tender hopes which will come to fulfilment,
  • they pick: good friends will deceive us.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Acacia

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